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Cocoa Baybee is one of the newest women to come into the industry by way of the good team over at BBWHighway.com. Looking at you with one of the brightest smiles ever highlighted by the deep eyes is a woman that's raising a lot of eyebrows on the Twitter and amateur bbw scene. And with good reason.

Now, we all love a big ol' donk, who doesn't. Cocoa Baybee definitely delivers on that front. Her ass is a wonder, with more bounce than Spalding. Go peep out her scene at BBWHighway.com for proof of that. Where "Da One", pounds mercilessly on Cocoa's pussy and Cocoa likewise ensure that she receives every inch by displaying her supreme flexibility. And flexibility it is as she performs a split that would make most Olympic gymnists jealous. But doesn't end with just a monster booty that can perform Dominique Dawes splits, oh no no no. What's raising the eyes of her growing fanbase is the fact she has engineered her very own fellatio technique.

Yes, indeed, Cocoa Baybee has given the industry a great look of her "Silk Doughnut, aka "Krispy Kreme" technique. First shown to the world on her Rude Channel. And instantly admired by all who witnessed it.

Talk of this new technique generated some interest to her from new fans all over. And as for the technique, you'll have to witness it for yourself. But even with this amazing technique, Cocoa Baybee is no one gimmick wonder. A huge bouncy ass, armed with anatomy defying flex and a killer headgame, with a cute face and bubbling personality to boot. Cocoa is ready to give this industry something new, the we haven't quite seen yet. We're all waiting to see what this lovely woman has in store.

jhe Super Booty, Cocoa Baybee getting it in over at BBWHighway.com, amazing.

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Cocoa & Doughnuts
Thursday May 31th 2012 | By PHATStaff
Follow Cocoa Baybee on Twitter - @CocoaBaybee, check out her performance over at BBWHighway.com