Zariah, Macchiato, & Geisha Go Hard In Latest Releases

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + has been building itself as one of the premiere destinations for quality voluptuous adult entertainment – and one of the big reasons for that is their introduction & showcasing of the voluptuous XXX’s most elite new talent, and expertly crafting content for some of the most amazing top tier bbw/thick female performers in the genre. And they have recently released new scenes from three of the genre’s hottest and most dynamic talent in the business – Zariah June, Macchiato, & Geisha Grimm! –

Zariah June returns to the Highway in her newest release to display why she is, in fact, one of volupotuous XXXs most preeminent colossally breasted adult actresses. In her latest scene she takes on Ludus Adonis, and the two of them combine to deliver a great fuck. Zariah June is always perfect to watch just due to the fact of her whole aura and style that she brings to a scene – like her own unique sexual swagger. Combine that with some of the biggest breasts in the business and you can easily see why she has developed a following that just loves to see her perform over and over again. And Ludus Adonis puts Zariah June through the paces in this scene as he aggressively manhandles the pussy. Power driving the dick deep inside of her with Zariah June loving it all.  A particularly awesome favorite part of the scene is when she is doggystyle and those notoriously ginormous & heavy breasts.  Zariah June has carved herself a niche space in this voluptuous XXX game..she is the master of it. Great Scene by one to the genres top ladies.

Macchiato is emerging as one of the hardest working ladies & performers in all of voluptuous XXX. A woman who is dedicated to the art, business, and craft that is Adult Entertainment – Macchiato delivers a killer scene in her latest from as she is paired up with Alphonso Lays and the two provide an incredible no-frills, 100% lust fuck that has no become the classic trademark of any Macchiato scene. Alphonso Lays lays down a proper fucking to the superthick bbw brickhouse – and we witness why Macchiato has established herself as one of the leaders of the New Era of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment. She is just a joy to watch fuck. The genuiness of her love for the dick as Alphonso pounds her, as she bounces all of that tonka donk in her cowgirl, and of course as she delivers…The Macchiato Code to him when she assumes the doggy style position….this woman is the reason why we told all of voluptuous adult entertainment to watch the throne – with every scene she does Macchiato continues to jump by bounds to show why she is the truth in this business.

If you are not familiar with the works of Geisha Grimm, than you are missing out on one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s brightest stars for the future. Since her debut on on last year (2016), Geisha Grimm has sparked intrigued and lust throughout the industry. With her supreme thickness, and just so much ass that gives her an ability to take fierce dick, Geisha Grimm is set to make big waves in this business, as shown in her latest scene on where she takes on the man known as Don Prince. And lets just say it…this scene is a joy to watch. Geisha Grimm just looks so good, and on top of that she looks so good getting fucked – add those two elements and you have a win win scene. Which is exactly what her latest contribution to is. She may have some of the best doggystyle in the business in all seriousness, for all that ass isn’t built for the meek. You have to come with it to handle all of that – and that’s exactly what Geisha Grimm brings out of her co-stars in all of her performances with Don Prince being no exception. All the more reason why this scene is a must watch.

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