Zariah June Unleashes Powerful Sex Wizardry In MUST-SEE New PlumperPass Release


Zariah June is a XXX modern marvel of massive mammaries and hardcore genius! That’s the only thing that can be said – this woman claimed the entire 2017 with a show of excellence & sexual conquest that made the entire genre fall back & pay its respects to her greatness. And she has returned, to PlumperPass to make greatness again. And in this latest scene, entitled “In The Shower With Zariah” featuring CarloZariah June brings forth a scene of such powerful and intense fucking  it can only be scene as sexual wizardry! And while intense and powerful fucking is & has always been Zariah June trademark, for this scene she ups the power just a notch by wielding the sex magic of her mythical titties of infinite size & her phat pussy of infinite pleasure – to create one of the year most must-watch scenes so far. This scene is FUCKING FIRE!

And we will simplify the scene quickly – Zariah June comes home from a hard day of work and needs to relax & release with a hot shower. And since its fucking Zariah June, Carlo can’t resist Zariah’s intoxicating curves and charms, & after watching her wash & handle those infinite breasts – he can resist no longer and what we get treated to is an incredible sight of nothing but the worshiping and honoring of the mighty titties of Zariah June – as they should be. Sucking and worshiping titties is an art and tradition not practiced as much in porn as it should be – but fans of big titty play and sucking – (and with Zariah June’s incredible breasts…who wouldn’t be a fan) – will love this part of the scene because Carlo takes his time in properly adoring her ginormous titties…sucking them and feeling their immense and glorious weight.  And it is this outstanding tit play that actually builds up sensuality in the scene and this is where Zariah June’s sex magic & wizardry begins to take hold of Carlo!

After such marvelous titty sucking inside the shower, it continues out of the shower…Carlo continues to suck and suck open Zariah June’s powerful breasts as she works and wields them as if she is casting a spell upon Carlo’s sexuality. And a spell Zariah does in fact cast –  because because Carlo is on full rock…just as Zariah June demands, and she prepares to further her spell by blessing Carlo with a nice, deep sucking of Carlo’s dick. Carlo enjoys so much that he attempts to stretch his dick to the deepest parts of Zariah’s throat…and Zariah June adapts by opening her mouth wider to allow him to do so, further working her magic until…the spell is finished. Zariah, now with FULL Control of Carlo’s lust…lays back, spreads her legs wide, with the biggest tits all over the place, and Carlo deep dicks the magic pussy off Zariah June from the very first stroke…and doesn’t stop until the end!

And this is where we see the power of Zariah June – the true power of Zariah June. Taking in Carlo deep…so deep into her pussy – the moans she makes from the love of the fucking she receives is just like fine music. The fucking is intense and deep. And the sex intensifies by 3 when we are blessed with Zariah June riding the dick of Carlo in a FUCKING PHENOMENAL reverse cowgirl & cowgirl session. We can not stress how fucking beautiful Zariah June makes sex. Just watching her lust filled expressions, as some of the biggest breasts in the business and on earth hold no regard gravity as they bounce mercilessly while she works her pussy on the dick of Carlo as she tries to stuff and slam as much of his big dick deep inside her as she can! We could literally keep going on and on about the fucking outstanding fucking that both Zariah & Carlo bring to this scene….and a fun fact…Zariah June’s titties are just all over the fucking place all throughout this scene – they just simply refused to be contained and choose to run wild which intensifies the power of this scene even more. All this intensity, in fact caused poor Carlo to blast the Infinititties of Zariah with a damn near 1 gallon cumshot blast!

Like we said, and have been saying for years now – Zariah June is one of the most dynamic performers in adult entertainment. She is a sexual wizard who’s powers, even after an intense scene like this – still have yet to be really realized and maxed out. That’s right – as dynamic and awesome as she is…she still hasn’t shown us even 100% of her power; Which is great for us, FANTASTIC for her, MONUMENTAL for the industry…and so so scary for her haters. This is a MUST SEE scene….Zariah June & Carlo with PlumperPass deliver an absolutely deliver one of the best pure performances of the year here. Head over to, Join Up and become entranced by the power of Zariah June!

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