Zariah June, aka Miss Infinititties, Make Her Grand Debut On PlumperPass!


It started out as mere speculation, from speculation came rumor, from rumor came the announcement, and from the announcement came the reality – its official…the milk chocolate bombshell, Zariah June has made her debut on! Yes it has finally happened. And with that Zariah June not only brings her unique flavor of fucking to the masses, but also brings her divinely constructed 50N cup “Infini-titties” to the masses as well for great fuck to start off her debut scene!

For those of you unfamiliar to the abilities of Zariah June, as well as those of you who are not yet apart of her growing collective of fans worldwide then you are in for a treat. In her debut scene for entitled “Zariah Sleepover” wastes no time in bringing the heat, the head, and the huge ass tits. The scene has Zariah June in the great city of Miami for a photoshoot. However with hurricanes close to running amok on the streets Zariah needs to seek shelter & quick. And who better to lend Zariah a space to reside, none other than PlumperPass woodsman, Sean Cali! And while waiting for the Hurricane to pass Zariah takes time out pleasure the depths of that lovely phat pussy – but when her groaning gets to intense, Sean comes to check on her and then…it goes down!

The beautiful Zariah June seems quite impressed with the dick of Sean Cali, fair enough, because Sean Cali seems certainly impressed with the massive measurments of Zariah June’s N cups. And one of Zariah’s gifts, that has become a staple in her catalog, well the massive titties – yes, but one of her other gifts is her glans work when it comes to her fellatio. She is a master of the succulent glans technique. And in “Zariah Sleepover“, she performs her expert technique on Sean Cali masterfully. Skillfully, Zariah sucks the dick until Sean is on rock supreme – and then he proceeds to take Zariah through a variety of positions all with the explicit purpose of fucking the shit out of Zariah June’s phat pussy. And boy does he ever – fans of Zariah June know full well that Zariah’s pussy seems to be the stuff of wonder – because it never fails that all of her co-stars pummel that pussy with a ruthless vengence. And we as a result are always forced to ask…just how good is that pussy!?!? By the look on Sean’s face – very damn good.

And let us just say this – Zariah June, with those titties bouncing all over the place, is just so damn beautiful. I mean this woman is simply gorgeous period – and even more gorgeous when getting fucked. Her moans, her words, her adlibs to the strokes all compliment her intense sexuality which makes this scene hot as hell. Which ultimatly leads to Sean Cali unloading his seed all over the leviathan sized breasts of Zariah June to bring this lovely scene to a close.

The fans spoke loud and clear and the got it – and Zariah June delivers with excellence in her debut scene on Head over to, Join Up, and witness one of the most desired women in all her sexiness and glory, as she shows out as only she can!