Who Is The Queen Of Ass Now?!?!


Every 4 to 8 years, the world of adult entertainment typically sees the beginnings of, or finds itself in the middle of, a new era. In that new era the once bombshells, “Next Big Things”, & “Industry Powerhouses” have remained all of those things, but now carry the honored title of veteran;  likewise those said veterans may have either left, retired, &/or grown beyond the need of titles, or status definitions, simply because their works & greatness are solidified.  And with that, a new league of outstanding talents rises to the top like cream. And the world of voluptuous adult entertainment is no different – and in this particular case – we are speaking of Ass. Or more inquisitively we here ask the simple question – Which Voluptuous XXX Actress should be considered the Queen Of Ass Now?

Now before we go into or short list of possibles, and give you the opportunity to vote – let us clarify just what that question truly means when we ask it. Firstly, when we say “Now”, we mean specifically from 2 to 3 years ago to the present and beyond for the next 5 to 6 years. As painful as it is to admit and come to grips with – the Great Donk Race which produced the biggest collection of Massive Booty XXX Phenomenon’s (Mz. Booty, Bootylicious, Brownie Deluxe, Da’ Butt, etc.) have all more or less either taken a significant break, or retired. And the pioneers before them, your Cherokee’s, Sky Black’s, Pinky’s, etc…, have had their names immortalized forever more for the grand works and contributions, that they and there asses have done for this sacred and honorable profession. So now there is a new batch of megabooties, who are all killing the game in this current era and all potentially worthy of the title Queen of Ass…which brings us to out second clarification…

“Queen Of Ass”…that term differs (for us at least) from an “Ass Queen”. Where as an “Ass Queen”, can be used for any lovely model with extreme amounts of ass deservedly, when we say “Queen Of Ass” we use it in the context of a woman who not only has extremes amounts of ass, but also rules and excels in all dynamics of that ginormous ass within the business of adult entertainment to include primarily – XXX, and fully showcasing that she knows how to work that ass, and use it to build her brand into a powerhouse.

And lastly “Voluptuous”, we say voluptuous because, unlike head – where skill is not based on size, the bigger/thicker that woman – 8 times out of 10, the bigger the ass – now with all of those clarifications out of the way – let us give you our candidates for Which Voluptuous XXX Actress Should Be Considered the Queen Of Ass….

Tiffany Days

This woman has definitely been one voluptuous adult’s most anticipated and most viewed asses of the new era. With her loveliness, along with her thick frame supporting one of the purely meatiest asses out now she has been said to be one of the industry’s next big powerhouses in modeling. Tie into the fact that her OnlyFans has been on fire due to her release of personal XXX vids – if she continues to expand upon that – the talk is she could THE Biggest Powerhouse In The Business!

Asstyn Martyn

Talk about hitting the ground running, Asstyn Martyn, appeared onto the scene with a mind for XXX and an attitude for greatness inside it. You pair that with not only one of the most mammarily blessed women in XXX, but also with one of the most roundest, thickest, and purely biggest asses in the business. And you have a woman who has made her claim deep in the loins of XXX. And with a catalog soon to crack into the hundreds in no time – Asstyn Martyn is letting her work speak for itself on her greatness in this industry!


Part Ass Queen, Part Stallion, All of it Good – FYEBottom has been turning heads and cracking necks for years. The proportions of this woman are just stupendous anyway and any angle you look at her from. With ass that literally looks like an upside down “P” (a “b”) her ass, as well as her style and approach to displaying and showcasing it has made her a favorite among hundreds of thousands around the world. But add to that her XXX works on her OnlyFans, and we see that FYEBottom is not just your average Ass Queen, she knows how to expertly work all of that ass on dick like very few can. And just keeps getting better and going harder each everytime.


Who on this list thus far has shutdown the world of XXX like the already great NotMyEqual. I mean we have gone on and on, happily, about the skills and work of this woman. This woman goes ham on so many levels – the head is one of the illest, the fucking is one of the illest, the rawness of her hardcore is one of the illest – you almost forget that has one of the biggest asses in game too. Its almost not even fair – but the fans do not give a damn, nor does she, nor do we. With valuable, sought after credits in her catalog – she is one of XXX’s most in-demand talents. No matter what new scene she does, fans always want four more scenes as soon as one is released.

Katherin Gomez

A true wonder of amazement is what Katherin Gomez has become. Her curves have become, or became rather, legendary overnight with the release of her first scene on MegaButtLatinas.com. And with her XXX performances she has become one of the most sought after performers in all of porn. This woman is simply marvelous to watch taking dick. If there was a perfect pear she would be it, and her ability to take over scenes with her amazing sexuality undoubtedly have her as a high favorite the “Queen Of Ass” title.

Julie Ginger

If ever there was a voluptuous XXX actress ready for primetime before her first ever performance…it was Julie Ginger! And with that once performance she made a statement – that bbws from the Midwest can devour dick with evil intentions, and…that she may have one of the biggest asses in the business. To say the mighty ass of Julie Ginger is big, or huge, would be disrespectful as it is at the very least massive. And she has used that massive ass, along with her repertoire of sexual abilities to become one of Voluptuous XXX’s top premier talents. With a website growing in popularity, and straight classics in her catalog Julie Ginger is already Voluptuous XXX royalty.