Victoria Secrets Masters The Dick With Brilliance In Latest Release


Victoria Secrets Is one of the genre’s most storied and great GOATs in this industry. Her gift for expertly finessing dick with her brilliant head game and/or her legendary fuck style, backed with one of the biggest asses to ever grace adult film, has made her one of voluptuous XXX, & XXXs period’s, All-Time Greats & Veterans which have put her in rare air when it comes to adult performers and superstars. And she has returned to to once again bless the screen with another marvelous performance in her latest scene, “So Fresh & So Big“, along with co-star, John Long. And Victoria Secrets puts on a performance that will make you fall in love with her all over again!

It can never be said enough, nor celebrated at how fucking lovely and thick Victoria Secrets is.  And it for damn sure can never be said enough how fucking amazing, one of the biggest asses in porn history, is, and how it drops jaws still. It is all of these attributes that Victoria Secrets brings to this scene in a great way. “So Fresh And So Big” is about Victoria Secrets being in need of a Plumber. And while waiting she decides to take a shower, and it is after she is all good and lathered up that the Plumber arrives to see about the problem. And after a brief announcement of his arrival to a beautifully naked Victoria Secrets, she directs him in the location of the toilet while continues her shower. Only for him to return to explain the problem to a towel-wrapped Victoria, who conveniently drops the towel making apparent some of the greatest curves & thickness known to man as he mentions the cost of labor for fixing the toilet. And after noticing the sheer scrumptiousness that is before him, he informs Victoria Secrets that they can definitely work something out….which leads to hardcore greatness that is this scene.

The greatness of this scene comes from not only its grand hardcore fucking and sucking but how it pays great tribute to the body of Victoria Secret by capturing it in all of its glory in the shower and outside of it. And John Long absolutely pays homage to this woman’s beauty and thickness as sucks the thick perfect nipples of Victoria before he spends the next few minutes worshipping the almighty donk of Victoria Secrets. Smacking it, spreading it, opening that ass up before taking his position between her legs as she straddles her pussy over his head, letting him feast on it while we, the viewer, are treated with her enjoyment of his tasting of her pussy be evident by her hips moving and bouncing allowing us to witness all of that gloriously stupendous ass bounce and shake with such perfection. Just seeing the size of that ass, and that ass crack as straddles his face is just amazing.

And what’s even more amazing is the pussy of Victoria Secrets, who John Long cannot get enough of as he repositions Victoria Secrets on the bed, opening her legs wide to allow John to continue his feasting of her plump pussy. But where Victoria Secrets shines brightly, in addition to everything else she does, is her notoriously ruthless dicksucking. Victoria Secrets always goes ham with her dicksucking, and this time is no different. She disrespectfully sucks and swallows the thickness of John Long whole – with no fear, only succulent oral action with no regard for the dicks thickness. Her only purpose for this moment is to enjoy throating and swallowing as much of John Long’s dick as she can – which makes for fucking outstanding visuals. Victoria Secrets is one of the greats in Voluptuous XXX and XXX dicksucking (and she could for damn sure hold her own in the Oralist culture).

Not much can stand next to the dicksucking of VIctoria Secrets, but Victoria Secrets getting fucked can most definitely do that.  And John Long proceeds to go absolutely apeshit deep in the pussy of Victoria with a satisfying long dicking of Victoria Secrets doggystyle. And just watching John Long slap & manhandle that big ass while he stuffs her pussy to capacity relentlessly reminds us of why voluptuous porn is the greatest porn in the world. Victoria Secrets renowned ass is just so fucking epic in of itself, and watching ripples go through it as John Long pumps and fucks the hell out of it is just top notch imagery, some of the absolute best. And of course, what’s could be better than Victoria Secrets doggystyle??? Nothing, but what is equally fucking amazing??? Victoria Secrets’ flawless cowgirl style, And she rides the dick of John Long like a woman with a purpose to do nothing but stunt and stunt hard on big dick. And the camera angles are perfect as they capture the dick power thrusting the fat pussy of Victoria. And just as brilliantly is the look of enjoyment from Victoria as it is clear she is enjoying the good deep dicking that John is providing, especially when she goes to missionary and John Long just fucks her with the ferociousness that we all here at PHAT Magazine all have sexual lust and energy teleport back in time into him.

Victoria Secrets is a GOAT…it is undeniable! She is and will go down as one of the greatest adult entertainers & voluptuous adult entertainment, and this latest great scene acts as further proof to cement her already solid legacy in this business. This scene is a #CertifiedBanger, the sexual chemistry between Victoria Secrets & John Long is great, and these two combine to make a fantastic fuck that must be witnessed. Head over to, JOIN UP NOW, to witness one of the greats, and one of the greatest to ever do it.




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Victoria Secrets returns to create a solid scene that excels in fantastic fucking and sucking. Victoria delivers in all areas bringing her iconic dicksucking, and putting all that ass in motion just right. John Long does an excellent job in fucking the mighty ass of Victoria Secrets with great gusto. Lots of sexual highlights throughout this scene, and as always, we just hate that the scene was not longer, simply because we can not get enough Victoria Secrets. A definite MUST-SEE.

  • HEAT 9
  • ACTION 9.2
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 8.6
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