Victoria Secret Brings All Ass, Bomb Head, & No Chill In Latest Release!


This woman is & has been creating the perfect storm of voluptuous XXX greatness for the past two seasons. Through the perfect combination of performance, skill, ability, down right beauty, and of course one of the biggest & most monumental asses in the history of XXX total – Victoria Secret has just been kicking down the doors of the limits of all expectations that the masses had about her return to XXX by dropping straight fire after fire, and classics after classics, that have propelled her – yet again – to one of the #Top5 Hottest Performers in All Voluptuous XXX right now. And she brings that fire once again in her latest release from PlumperPass/Sensational Video, entitled “BBW Test Ride“.

In this follow-up to a string of fire, Victoria Secret plays herself, an adult actress looking for studio space to shoot her next feature. And co-star Carlo plays a studio manager giving her tour of his facilities to see if they are just what she is looking for. Now we must interject this brief summary of the plot to say that the ultra-thickalicious Victoria Secret is just looking so deliciously mouthwatering in her purple top and leggings. And them leggings, just remarkably showoff and showcase, what looks to be a whole lot of pure Grade A  USDA Choice Beef as ass. And as Carlo shows Victoria the couch, he can’t help but notice all of that almighty ass of Victoria Secret as well. And we can’t blame you Carlo in the slightest. But when it comes down to talk numbers…the two can’t quite agree on the right price. So Carlo decides to help negotiations by suggesting that Victoria Secret take it out for a…”test drive”…and the action commences fast.

This scene captures all of Victoria Secret in a very nice fashion. Firstly, we love to watch Victoria just disrobe out of her clothing. Watching her release those tasty breasts, and then go on to peeling off those skin tight leggings over what looks like all the booty in Florida combined in one…just makes our hearts melt. And PlumperPass gives us a great gift of giving us a brief ass worship session, as Victoria Secret twerks and bounces that ass, showing all of its might; and Carlo gets the honor of spreading those heavy cheeks that the lucky bastard knows he will soon get to be between. But not before we are treated to…Victoria Secret’s notorious dicksucking

Now we have long time lamented that the dicksucking of Victoria Secret is some of the world’s finest, and its virtually tradition for her to give her succulently head style that always leaves a high gloss glaze finish on the dick each and every time. And she continues that tradition with Carlo, just doing another magnificent head job on his dick, deep throating and swallowing whole the dick with her expertly perfected technique. This woman is stunningly gorgeous on her own, but with the dick in her mouth she is just enchanting, as she sucks Carlo’s dick with the skill and ability that makes her one of the industry’s great oralists. She gives another bonifide clinic in the dicksucking arts. And once she blessing Carlo with the sweetest gift known to man…she is then ready for some fucking.

We swear, just watching Victoria Secret move with all that big ol ass is just so fucking GOOD. Watching her haul all of that heavy donk on the bed and assume the doggystyle position…it is just mesmerizing. And it is in this position that Carlo enjoys one of the universe’s greatest joys in its trillion year history…fucking the sweet pussy of Victoria Secret doggystyle and watching those cheeks of splendor wobble and bounce as he does it. Victoria Secret does a tremendous job of serving up the pussy, throwing all that ass onto Carlo as he holds onto those mighty cheeks. In fact one of the many highlights of this scene is watching him grab a whole handful of each cheek, with plenty of ass left to spare, and open it up so we can watch the magic take place as he fucks Victoria from behind. And if there is one thing that can come close to matching Victoria’s doggystyle, it is most definitely her cowgirl. And she mounts Carlo to work that ass as only she can. And once again…the visuals of Victoria Secret at work is just amazing;. I mean her cowgirl needs to have its on channel in your cable package this shit is so damn lovely to watch. And Victoria Secret knows how to ride good dick, and does so as she continuously slams all of that good pussy down on the dick, with the momentum of the weight of all that ass making for an even deeper impact that just drives Carlo mad with lust!

While the scene only shows 3 attempts at 3 postions, its Victoria Secret so each postion is a masterpiece, and we are treated with even time on all of them. Victoria just looks so good getting fucked, this woman is just incredible, which is why she is one of the genre’s hottest superstars in the genre! And though the scene over all was had its slight issues, the action in it was top-notch. Victoria’s head game, fuck style, and all of that ass is undefeated in XXX, and she continues that streak once more in “BBW Test Ride“. Victoria Secret is one of voluputous XXX’s most dynamic and exciting pornstars once again…and as we always say as soon as we finish watching a scene from her…”WE WANT EVEN MORE AND MORE!!!“. We just can’t get enough.  So head over to Right Now, JOIN UP, and once again pay homage to woman who single handedily has entire game of megadonk XXX in her pocket right now…and this is the Legendary & Future 1st Ballot Hall of Famer…Victoria Secret.