Victoria Cakes Gets Ruthless Long Dick Action With The Return Of Charlie Macc!


Victoria Cakes has carved a lane all by herself by bringing some of the hottest pure fucking in the game right now & doing it consistently.  Fucking the biggest dicks, with some of the hottest names in the known throughout porn, as well as introducing new names the business as well. She is a favorite and for many reasons – but one reason in particular…Victoria Cakes Fucks H.A.M!!! And that’s undeniable. And in her latest scene on – – she ups the ante by taking on veteran and legendary big dick assassin – Charlie Macc for a straight up fuckfest that makes this another Victoria Cakes #CertifiedBanger!!!

Now we already know this is going to be a banger..because honestly…what Victoria Cakes scene hasn’t been. The woman is a beast on the dick. But what elevates this scene is obviously the return of Charlie Macc. The man has always been one of our favorite male talents that we love seeing paired up with any woman. And as fantastically as we all know Victoria Cakes can suck and fuck on dick…she hasn’t paired up with anyone quite like Charlie Macc…so can the question then becomes…who’s sexual will shall prevail, The Dick of Charlie, or the Pussy of Victoria?!?!

…and the answer is – it doesn’t even fucking matter – Victoria Cakes x Charlie Macc put on a devastating hardcore fuck masterpiece. The plot is simply, Charlie Macc is throwing awesome parties at night, however, when his neighbor, Victoria Cakes, drops by to complain about it…Charlie kicks her out…until he notices all that damn ass and then has a moment of clairty. And from that moment on…awesome fucking commences. First things first – we love Victoria Cakes big titties, we are suckers for big areolas, and Victoria has some of the biggest. So it is very nice when we see Charlie take some time to suck those big titties efficiently and appropriately, as well as taking time to enjoy the sweetness of her pussy by putting his face deep in the pussy R. Kelly style!

But its when Victoria Cakes gets her hands on the dick..that’s when everything goes ballistic! Victoria Cakes is a unadulterated BEAST on the dick. And she appropriately goes beast mode on the dick of Charlie Macc…throating that monster while looking into his eyes – knowing damn well the odds of taking the whole dick is slim, but she sucks all of it. Swallowing as much dick as she with not the slightest tear in her eye until she goes nearly balls deep. Yes, Victoria Cakes swallows whole (with the exception of about an inch) the dick of Charlie Macc. Stop sleeping on this woman’s head game…she is a BEAST!

And after such devoted and disrespectful head, Charlie pays her back by cracking open those huge cheeks and long dicking Victoria Cakes pussy oh-so-viciously. Power pounding the pussy into submission all through out with Victoria loving every moment of it. One of the highlights of this scene is just watching her ride cowgirl on the dick, and watching Charlie Macc try to handle and contain all of that ass with his hands in futility as Victoria works that pussy, dropping it balls deep on him. My Gawd this woman can take some dick.

This scene is a fucking must-see – as all Victoria Cakes scenes are. We are delighted to see the return (at least as far as we know) of Charlie Macc, and he brings the fury in this incredible fuck with one of adult entertainment’s brightest stars in Victoria Secrets. This whole scene is pure fuck savagery…head over to – JOIN & PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION – this scene is most definitely a #CertifiedBANGER!!!

8.8 Fuckin' Awesome

Victoria Cakes delivers big, and we mean big as she takes on one of the biggest in Charlie Macc. Great Action all throughout. Watching Victoria Cakes works the dick in both her tazmanian devil head style, and just work that pussy powered that big ass is always a plus. And to see her deepthroat all of Charlie Macc...this woman's head game is growing stronger and stronger. The Cowgirl is just a great highlight in the scene. Would have loved to see some reverse cowgirl to see the dick go deep in with the titties bouncing...but this fucking scene is Awesome. Excellent showing!!!

  • HEAT 9.0
  • ACTION 8.9
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 6.4
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