Vicky Plush Brings Supreme Ass To The Pole in Latest PlumperPass Release


For all the hell that 2020 has pulled us into, one of the illest treats it has given us is the splendid works of the big booty supreme being, Vicky Plush, aka Ass Almighty with the skills to match. And those skills have made her one to watch in this genre/industry – and with her latest release by the good folks over at PlumperPass, entitled “Plush On The Pole“, Vicky Plush brings us a look at her stripping ability, before utilizing those skills to create a hellified striptease & crazy fuck session for co-star her co-star, Jonathan’s birthday (this lucky bastard).

They say the bigger the ass, the bigger the sexual appetite…well, not “they”, but WE say that – and it is proving true if this latest greatest fuckpiece, featuring the great Vicky Plush has anything to say about it. And let us be clear…it does. Vicky Plush puts her huge sexual appetite, and, that even huger ass on display extra nicely. And we get this from the very start of the flick, as we are treated to some serious stripping action from Plush, as she works the poll, them titties, and ALLLLLlllllllllll of that ass vigorously to celebrate the birthday of Jonathan; who, like we were, and you will be, was in a serious trance at all of the ass manuevering. This woman definitely knows how to move.

And with the…we will call it power, of that stripdance (simply because that ass just looks powerful) that Vicky Plush’s strip dance exudes, it sets up great energy to last for the duration of the scene. And Jonathan just can’t keep his hands to himself, as he uses his hands as an extension of his eyes to further explore the entirety of all that ass with rubs and slaps. However, the real energy hits this scene once Vicky Plush grabs a handful of Jonathan’s dick mass and proceeds suck its whole thickness with her unique bobblehead technique of dicksucking. The way Vicky Plush attacks this dick is just fucking awe-inspiring. Its the kind of head that makes a man ponder the purpose of life. She is just a mean ass oralist, and with the way those eyes (fuck those sexy eyes) make contact with Jonathan’s eyes, damn! We are just wondering how we busted quick, and he didn’t. That is true professionalism right there. Vicky Plush just goes beast mode with the head.

But its Vicky Plush, you already know the head is fire from the jump, and its still great to see. But another treat of this scene is the way Jonathan loses his mind in the deep good pussy of Miss Plush. The intensity she gives as Jonathan goes ham in the pussy is just spectacular to see. The side missionary on the couch, watching those excellent big tits, bounce, with the look of lust on her face as he stuffs with purpose his dick balls deep inside her is what great XXX is all about, and what has made Vicky Plush an automatic favorite. But, in our opinion, what helps knock this already great scene out of the park is Vicky Plush’s cowgirl. Fuck man, Vicky Plush can ride the hell out of some dick, and thick big dick especially. The way she works that ass and throws it around effortlessly on the dick of Jonathan just can’t be unseen once you see it…and we are happy, so happy about that.

Vicky Plush is the fucking truth – and really that’s all that needs to be said about this scene. The chemistry between the two is solid, and the sexual energy is at a constant ten thanks the raw energy that Vicky Plush brings. This woman knows how to fuck and get fucked, which are two much have traits for superstardom in this genre/industry. That ass is just a beauty to behold when it gets fucked, and that head is just poetry in motion. Arguably some of the best head in the genre…but we will debate the intricacies of that later. With awesome handling of that pussy from Jonathan…i’d say he gets the best gift a man can get….Vicky Plush fucking and sucking the hell out of him. Vicky Plush is a XXX video wonder, and she shows it yet again in this great scene from PlumperPass that is a pure #MustSee. We need more and more of Miss Plush ASAP…and you will too. Check this scene out and more exclusively on