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Veronica Bottoms has been overwhelming the voluptuous XXX culture by producing top notch, high caliber, fucking fantastic fuck performances like very few others can do. Since her return, she has seemingly been on a nonstop mission to dominate the xxx landscape with pure fire work that have catapulted her officially to the top echelon of XXX actresses/entertainers. Every scene she has released has acclamied as epic heat after epic heat. And with this newest release brought to us by the good folks of PlumperPass/Sensational Video – entitled “BBW Pornstar Experience“, Veronica Bottoms has become, without a doubt, one of the genre’s, & industry’s HOTTEST FUCKSTARS on the planet. And in this new FIRE scene, starring Veronica Bottoms & Carlo, we see just why that is.

The pairing of the insatiable Veronica Bottoms with Carlo, just from the start of the scene, is already guaranteed to be a classic. With the massively delicious donk & aggressively powerful fuck style of Bottoms matched with the deep dicking prowess of Carlo this scene is just powder keg for nothing but pure hardcore XXX greatness. And we are pleased to tell you that this delivers on heat from the start to the finish.

Story is simple enough – Veronica Bottoms is out shopping when she is spotted by Carlo, who just so happens to be ultra huge fan. Overcome with lust and amazement, Carlo follows Veronica Bottoms back to her place, sneaks over and notices the oh-so-thick Bottoms changing and witnesses the big heavy titties of Bottoms. Turned on by his persistance, Veronica Bottoms brings Carlo in, and the both proceed to deliver an incredible fuck which is a trademark with any Veronica Bottoms scene.

The chemistry between Bottoms & Carlo is high and the action is intense in this release. You can actually feel the energy in the scene, from the moment Carlo begins to release Veronica Bottoms big breasts, you can tell that they are into each other lustfully. And when the dick comes out Veronica can’t help but suck greedily up on it. And even though she is aware that the dick of Carlo may be too big for her to swallow in its entireity, deepthroating, while nice if possible, still comes second sucking the hell out of that dick. But in addition to her devotion to cherishing dick orally, it is when Veronica bends all that butt over that we are truly treated with the treat. For Carlo fuck Veronica full shaft – plummeting his dick deep, and we do mean deep inside the phat pussy of Bottom, which visually drives her crazy from enjoyment.

There is just nothing quite like watching this woman fuck hard. With all that ass she possesses – its hard to take your eyes off of it as Carlo fills it with his full helping of rock hard dick.  One of the pride & joys of the scenes is Veronica riding cowgirl as she is is just throwing that pussy on top of Carlo repeatidly. As well as her missionary position where the camera showcases that beautiful phat pussy spread wide and just taking the full brunt of Carlo’s long strokes into that fantastic pussy. Its just such an excellent site to see.

Veronica Bottoms delivers on all cylinders as always, and yet we know that the best is still yet to come. But this latest scene was more than just a fuck, it was intense and concentrated lust which is always awesome to see – and no one brings it like Veronica Bottoms. Head over to PlumperPass and purchase a subscription and witness Veronica Bottoms getting dicked down supremely, but taking it and loving it so so much. Veronica, we are already waiting for the next scene – we just can’t get enough! More, more, MORE!