Veronica Bottoms Ravages Big Dick & Breaks The Net In Epic Return!

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It has happened, it has happened! Yes, on June 23rd 2017, the porn world was blessed with the long awaited, most requested, & heavily anticipated return of one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s most incredible XXX Wonders & The Original Fuckstar…yes, the Return of the One & Only Veronica Bottoms!…and fans of voluptuous XXX & porn in general worldwide were ecstatic, absolutely ecstatic as Veronica Bottoms return did not just live up to the hype that was heard around the globe – but it surpsassed it and left the fans wanting, screaming – feigning for more & more & more from the ultimate fuckstar!

The good folks over at, released a premium banger in their newest release entitled “Big Cock Resume” which features the notorious Veronica Bottoms being put to the test at the very start of her return as she takes on the penile Redwood lumber of Sean Cali! And she is definitely put to the test.

But lets start off with the plot, which…lets be honest, while nice, is just (in this particular case) way to lead us to what millions (and millions) of voluptuous fans want to see – the great Veronica Bottoms in action. Veronica is looking for an assistant. Enter Sean Cali, who explains that though he doesn’t have much experience he is a fast learner. Veronica asks for qualifications, and Sean makes her aware that he is a masseuse. And after giving her a rubdown Sean makes it clear to Veronica what his other unique qualification is – a huge cock. However, little does Sean know Veronica’s expert skill is – the handling, commanding, & sexual destruction of huge dicks…and this is where we are treated once again to Veronica Bottoms glory.

Now first off let us say that Veronica Bottoms is better than ever. The body is bigger, the titties are even bigger, and all that ass is even bigger…she is the perfect shape. in this. Which screams sexuality when we see it on film. But plus all of that, its when we see Sean release his mammoth penis and we see Veronica Bottoms‘ eyes light up in delight – that is when the scene amps all the way up. As we said earlier, Veronica Bottoms is put to the test in her return debut, as Sean’s dick is massive – a point that Veronica lovingly brings up throughout the scene…yet, if you are true fan, you know that … Veronica Bottoms Fears No Huge Dick…in fact it turns her on even more which is proven as we see her just eat up Sean’s dick in just a excellent sloppy suckfest. She tries mightly to throat it over and over and over again…even though she knows she cant, she will not take no for an answer & continues – relentlessly. The mark of a True fellatio warrior is to never accept defeat…and Veronica Bottoms does not.

Same rule applies to a true fuckstar, of which Veronica Bottoms set the standard. And Sean Cali delivers a precision pounding of epic proportions resulting in one of the hottest fucks we have seen in 2017 so far. Between the screams of “Its so big, its so big, its so big” from Veronica we witness give and take fuck that is just outstanding. Sean giving Veronica the dick, and Veronica taking it and wanting more and more. In fact, its almost Bruce Banner-like with Veronica Bottoms’ fucking. Sean delivers hardcore piston pounding poundage, blow after blow after blow into the pussy. Strokes that few other voluputuous XXX stars would be able to withstand, and instead of running & submitting, Veronica Bottoms takes, gives back and just gets more and more hornier. Which drives both wild into this crazy lust filled hardcore non-stop fuck-stravaganza! I mean Veronica Bottoms must have cum at least 7x times, but by the way she fucks continues to fuck Sean, you would think she hadn’t fucked in years. The whole scene is just fucking…amazing!  And we were all in the office left staring at our screens just asking ourselves…how is this possible….then we realized….”Veronica Bottoms…that’s how!

Cataclysmic fucking scene…Veronica Bottoms is fucking back. And what’s scary is…this is just her first scene back in the business. Its scary, to think how things will intensify as she really gets back in to her groove. We see now why this scene broke the internet…its fucking intense. And we want more and more and more. This new and improved yet really just the same Veronica Bottoms squaring off with more dicks, one or two at a time…or with some of the industry’s leading women and fuckstars in the business…its orgasmically scary to even conceive – even though we know its going to happen. Veronica Bottoms please let it happen don’t ever leave us again, please!

Head over to, Purchase the subcription, and witness the already legendary Veronica Bottoms as she reintroduces herself to the industry as the ultimate force to be reckoned with. At this point we just have to see Veronica Bottoms with everybody…Veronica & Erika Xstacy, Lexxxi, Sofia, Lyla, Nirvana, Cotton,the whole roster, US [Yes damnit we slipped that in there – we can dream!],…..just everybody!

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