Veronica Bottoms Fucks Hard/Gets Fucked Hard At!


Has anyone else had a more fucking dynamic year that the ultimate fuckstar, Veronica Bottoms!?!? Huh…has anyone…very fucking few…since this woman return to the genre & culture that missed her so so much…she has abolutely increased the stock price of Kleenex, the number of orgasms, worldwide, and silenced all the haters, critics, lames…by attacking the industry with such a barrage of on camera fuck sessions; and we just can’t get a-fucking-nough, (that should have been “e-fucking-nough, but its Veronica Bottoms so the “A” stands for “Ass”!!!), and just when you think that Veronica Bottoms is about let the game rest from maneater suck & fuck style… releases an epic fuck to serve as, far as we know, Miss Bottoms final scene of 2017…and damnit she ends it with a bang as she delivers furious fuck to the man known as Ludus Adonis!

Now before we go any further, let us first give major shout outs, respect, & props to the lovely Veronica Bottoms for maintaing that ass of wonder. For it is that ass, that shines in this fan-fucking-tastic fuckfest. This scene starts off with a happy & joyous Veronica Bottoms – happy to be back doing one of the many things she does best, but this just happens to be our favorites – sucking & fucking – & and equally happy Ludus Adonis (…this lucky mutha fuck—) who is seemingly even more happy with Veronica Bottoms & all that incredible ass! After some must have ass play which includes a nice oiling up of one of voluptous XXX’s & adult entertainment period’s most premiere asses, we see the joyous Veronica Bottoms quickly begin to metamorph into what we like to call “Savage Bottoms“, just as soon as those “damn dem some” big soft titties come out.

It is when the titties come out, and begin to be expertly sucked by Ludus, that’s when we see the lust fill in Veronica Bottom’s eyes, and the Savage mode – meaning…she is about to start sucking & fucking something fucking FIERCE – with no regards to time, space, or reality, only dick sucked & pussy fucked! And when say dick sucked – Veronica Bottoms leaves no doors on the hinges as she provides what can not be described as anything less than oral assault on the dick of Ludus Adonis! Watching her enjoy the thickness of this dick is one of the many elements in this scene that makes her shine brighly in it. And for those of you of in the theSuxLife/Dicksucking community – let us not remind you that Veronica Bottoms is one of the top specialists in the business…just in case y’all forgot!

But its when the panties drop, and we all of that incredible bountiful ass that we know the “savagery” is about to pick up…as Veronica Bottoms fucks the the hell out of Ludus Adonis in a mighty cowgirl scene which features that all that ass damn near poplocking on the dick of Adonis! Slamming that pussy down, then grinding that pussy for as much dick as physics will allow to enter into her phat pussy. And just after, what we would consider the ‘coup de’grace’ of this scene we get a side ways fierce fuck that has Ludus slammining all that he has, with all of his might deep into the loins of Veronica Bottoms as her moans and screams of enjoyment validate his strokes. But just before that, Ludus Adonis powerfucks all the mighty ass of Veronica Bottoms in a moment of greatness as he attacks that ass-so-mighty with a vengeful doggystyle fuck! Almost as if it was payback for her fucking the shit out of him during the cowgirl! And it is this, in our opinion that serves as one of the highlights of the entire scene…this visual…OMG!

Veronica Bottoms, puts it down like she is fucking supposed to in this scene to end her phenomenal year of her return! The sex is FLAMES, the dicksucking is FLAMES, the chemistry is FIRE! Its just pure lust at its finest! Fantastic showing & work by the effforts of Bottoms & Adonis for truly grand finale of a scene for 2017. And after all of this, & the trailer…why the hell are you still here?!?! Head to BBWHighway, join up and witness greatness. All we know is that, if this was the year of Veronica Bottoms returning – we can’t wait for the rest of 2018 to arrive when she fully back in the rhythm of lust!!!

8.4 ASS-stounding!!!

The chemistry of Veronica Bottoms/Ludus Adonis makes all the difference in the world as it takes what would be an awesome scene and turns it into - A "Fucking " Awesome scene. The sex is hot heavy & quick, and the build up is light hearted which makes a great contrast. Veronica's dicksucking is still superb, and her sex game is still as unmatched as it is glorious to watch. Ludus Adonis delivers a marvelous job fucking one of the future Legends & Hall Of Famer of this genre! Great camera work.

  • HEAT 9
  • ACTION 9
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 7.4