Veronica Bottoms Displays Her Sexual Mastery On Two Dicks In Latest! (Late Edition)


It was shown and proven that Veronica Bottoms would be a force to be reckoned with from her grand debut into the world of XXX. A lovely superthick bbw, with donk-a-plenty, armed with an ‘Always Go Hard’ fuck style, and one of the meanest dicksucking styles in the business it did not take long for her quickly become one of the best in the business. And after a brief break and return, with her skills, scarily only improving – Veronica Bottoms is cementing herself as the industry’s most premiere fuckstars always scorching every scene that she is in – as she has made a career of doing. And she has returned to, to showcase her mastery of dick & dick conquering on two dicks with a intense threesome that is just nothing but greatness!

Veronica Bottoms is tasked with taking on the thick penile talents of Sean Cali & John as they attempt to destroy the pussy & handle the power and might of all that ass and legendary head game. And these two gentlemen definitely bring the wood to a rocked & ready Veronica Bottoms, but she quickly shows & reminds them, with action and ability, that her head game & pussy is some of the finest the world has ever seen & that if they plan on destroying her sexual ecstasy ceiling – they better come hard. And all three of them do that and more in this grand fuckfest.

The scene starts off with Sean & John outside talking and discussing, and then Veronica Bottoms comes into view enjoying a nice ride on a nice day on her bike, while rocking some very nice short shorts – showcasing all of them thick thick thighs, and highlighting all of the mighty ass – and damn that ass is mighty. And after experiencing some bike issues, Sean & John offer their assistance to help out Veronica Bottoms by taking her back to their place, only to find out that Veronica Bottoms is really needing some assistance with satisfying her lust for dick.

This is a great scene, another Veronica Bottoms classic. The heat starts off fast, hot, and heavy as hell. With the guys wasting no time in getting Veronica Bottoms naked as quickly as possible, while at the same time  paying quick homage to that mighty mean ass & those big titties. And its quickly clear that Veronica Bottoms is wanting, ready, and focused on the two dicks of these men. She wastes no time in getting them primed and ready in her hands, and as soon as they are – this women commences to giving an incredible double blowjob with nothing but excellence. Veronica Bottoms attacks both dicks like a woman on a mission. And she just looks simply delicious stretching her lips to accommodate the thickness of each dick…Veronica Bottoms simply sucks great dick.  And a highlight, is when she goes doggystyle and just repeatedly and relentlessly sucks and stuffs as much dick of John as possible…fucking excellent

But the thing about seeing Veronica Bottoms in doggystyle position…all of that fucking magnificent & mighty ass just bouncing & jiggling like the amazing donk that it is…it just has to be fucked, and while she is sucking the thickness of John, Sean Cali takes it upon himself to slide into the phat pussy of Veronica Bottoms. And just watching these Sean Cali fuck the phat pussy doggystyle with Veronica Bottoms sucking good dick on the other end…you sit back and say to yourself…’this is good quality sex & action“. Its just good fucking. The sex is genuine, and the love of it is clearly evident. The scene shines even harder when Veronica Bottoms goes through the cowgirl & reverse cowgirl just her ability to ride the dick while making it her mission to still suck the dick with the same efficiency as if she was attack the dick only. The visual of big dick just sliding deep into the fat phat pussy of Veronica Bottoms is just beautiful to watch!  And huge shoutouts to Miss Bottoms for bringing the hair back. Love it.

Veronica Bottoms is just built for this business, as she fucks the hell out of one dick with ruthless love and aggression, she fucks the hell out of these two dicks with the same love and voracity! And we love ever moment of it. We just can not get enough of this bootylicious superstar – she delivers a top fire performance on all levels – once again proving that she is one of the best voluptuous adult entertainers to ever do it. Head over to, JOIN UP, and witness the future Hall of Famer in her rawest form. Its fucking Veronica Bottoms – we want more and more and more!


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