Veronica Bottoms Devours Dick & Gets Immense Pounding From King Noire


One of the biggest stories in the world of Voluptuous XXX has been the return of the ultimate fuck star, the one and only future Hall of Famer & All-Time XXX All-Star, Veronica Bottoms.  Since she has returned she has blessed upon this industry a superior collection of some of the most dominant fucking and XXX action the industry has seen since, she came into the business for a first time. And as Veronica Bottoms hits the one year anniversary of her triumphant return to XXX – what better way to celebrate than by to unleash yet another classic scene with Miss Bottoms facing one of her biggest dicks yet…!!! In her latest, release from the good folks over at PlumperPass.comVeronica Bottoms unleashes a celebration of pure suck & fuck savagery as she takes on the mammoth dick of King Noire in…“Big Bottoms”!!!

Savagery is way of life when it comes to how Veronica Bottoms does business on dick. But the ante ups significantly when she is face with Big Black Dick (or BBC), as there seems to be something about it that brings out a carnal lust & sexual raged from deep with in this MegaDonk Fuck Queen. And that is just what this latest scene with King Noire puts on display – the pure lust and sexual energy at its highest peak from Veronica Bottoms as she enjoys a vaginal onslaught of her pussy from King Noire, who fucks her with the fury of an enraged Incredible Hulk!

As with any PlumperPass scene, we are taken on a lovely tour of the dimensions that make up the total package that is Veronica Bottoms. And this woman’s proportions are simply unreal, no matter how many times you see them.  So much ass and so much titty, and SO SO SO MUCH ASS AGAIN – you quickly wonder why she is one of adult entertainment’s, as a whole, most powerful and popular fuck stars. Veronica Bottoms is built for this. And after a nice brief interview, were we are introduced to all of the succulent and supple parts that make up this incredible woman….King Noire makes his way into the scene…and the sexual energy picks up instantly…

…and after some deep fierce sucking of Veronica Bottoms, so lovely and phat huge titties, It is clear that Veronica Bottoms is primed to do what she came her to do – one of the things she is known throughout the globe for…her notorious dicksucking savagery. And as she begins to pull out the fat gift that King Noire has for her, she is simply in love once she finally sees Noire fat dick in her hands….and just like that…Veronica Bottoms blanks out, and turns into “Savage Bottoms” – as she instantly hammer her mouth down on the dick, and swallows its thickness over and over, faster and faster…succumbing to her calling to suck dick with such ruthlessness and aggression! Clearly the dick is thick for her to swallow whole, but this is Veronica Bottoms….she doesn’t give a fuck. And just continues to suck the dick of Noire like it is life itself! FUCK we love this woman!

And after some tittyfucking, and belly play, her lust for having King Noire’s dick in her mouth is not quenched by far, as she can’t help herself but to have seconds, and continues her own eating of that dick. This woman is just fucking amazing. But what we all know what happens when Veronica Bottoms blesses a dick with her unique brand of devouration, a fucking must occur as her head game unleashes the beast within you. And King Noire, is now unleashed, and enters the fucking beautiful fat pussy of Veronica Bottoms, and proceeds to fuck the shit out of the MegaDonk Bombshell like a man possessed. We know the pussy of Veronica Bottoms is everything we dreamed of as Noire simply goes berserk in that pussy. Assaulting her pussy so hard it should be criminal, but with Veronica Bottoms loving and encouraging every stroke and slide of it! The way she screams with pleasure as King Noire fucks the shit out of her from Doggystyle to missionary is just pure bliss to hear, and even better to watch. And we always love it when Veronica Bottoms gets fucked with no remorse like she needs and so richly deserves. The fucking is just so fucking superb!

While a relatively short scene in terms of “how much action“, the quality, energy, and unadulterated ravenous of this work more than makes up for it. Fans of Veronica Bottoms and XXX period, will love to see what one of the World’s Most Prolific Fuckstars when she is turned all the way up.  Veronica Bottoms sucks and eats dick like a a mad woman – once again showing us why she is one of the best. And KIng Noire fucks her the shit out of her with reckless abandonment…it is fucking beautiful – even if it is 6 minutes, those minutes are powerpacked!!! Definitely a fucking MUST-SEE, but unfortunately, due to no fault of Veronica or King Noire, we can’t give it a #CertifiedBANGER rating, which is a first for any Veronica Bottoms scene we have covered. – we can only imagine how much more epic this scene would have been if more of its 30 minute runtime was devoted to more fucking, as well as more of its segments. Judging from the photoset, we were actually supposed to get treated to more than what the video showed! which would have definitely made this another shoe in for “Scene Of The Year” nominee consideration, and hell this still may get that even without it vote….but enough of that for now. Veronica Bottoms shows the world with this scene what true fucking at its greatest greatness is really about. Happy Anniversary Veronica! Head over to, JOIN UP and watch this true fuckstar….simply GET FUCKED!!!!

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7.9 Awesome...But...

Veronica Bottoms is a Modern Day BBW version Vanessa Del Rio! She is just simply energizing, and brings so much good hardcore sucking and fucking to this scene as she always does. King Noire brings great fucking to the mix as well and two combine to make an absolute powerpacked fuckfest, with great sucking and fucking worthy of Scene of the Year consideration. Where the scene falls short is with its questionable execution. A 30 minute scene yields 7 minutes of interviewing, but only 6 minutes of actual fucking - which is downright blasphemous when it comes to Veronica Bottoms. Add to that, certain sexual positions showcased in the photoset, but not included in the actual scene itself, and its even more blasphemous. Funny enough even with those negatives, Veronica Bottoms is such a stellar performer and the action between her and King Noire is so intense that it still make this an awesome scene, MUST-WATCH Scene. But still so wrong at the same time.

  • HEAT 9.3
  • ACTION 8
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 4.6
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