Velma VooDoo & Lil Kiwwi Get Pussies Destroyed In Latest PlumperPass Fairy Tale


Everyone knows that in all mythology there only one that reigns supreme – and that is the big booty fairy. And the good folks over at have blessed us with two of biggest bootied fairies in all of…fairy-dom?…as Velma VooDoo & Lil Kiwwi combine to exert their lustful appetites on an unsuspecting Thor in this latest PlumperPass scene entitled, “Dreams Of BBW Fairies”.




Velma VooDoo & Lil Kiwwi, as fairies in this PlumperPass featurette, have their work cut out for them – for as cock hungry as they are, which they showcase within the first minutes of the scene as they suck & tongue down the dick of Thor, they also must be able to withstand a penile assault from the man himself; Which he wastes no time in delivering after the fairies finish sucking and tongue lashing his dick.

And from there, Thor begins to work the pussies of these fairies with powerful pounding. Every stroke going balls deep, particularly into the big booty-ied loins of Velma Voodoo, who simply loves every moment of it. With great assistance from Lil Kiwwi who assists in the poundage of Velma Voodoo, by keeping those deep cheeks of her ass spread for maximum penetration, while at the same time giving up her own good pussy for Thor to beat down as well.

A nice featurette and concept by the good folks over at PlumperPass as they deliver unique idea with action, asses, and aggression, as Thor brings the aggression, those ladies bring the asses, and all three make some good action…and again those asses are quite splendid, who knew fairies could be so thick.

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