The only thing that is better than the fresh new talent coming into Voluptuous Adult & changing the game forever, is the return of a veteran to the world she left & changing the game forever once again. Let’s face it – there is nothing quite as compelling as “returns”. Something about working hard to get to the top, being on top, or regarded as one of the best, then returning to do it all over again – there is power in such a feat. The return, and return to greatness is what cements legacy’s forever, not just in Adult & XXX, but in all walks of life. Who can forget Jordan’s departure from the Bulls, only to return & be better than ever. Robert Downey Jr.’s return, to be even better and one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood – and the list goes on and on.

And as of recent, voluptuous adult entertainment has enjoyed the returns of a number of veterans who ruled their domain, only to leave, and return with great fanfare on their way to rule again. The voluptuous adult world rejoiced at the return of the Great Legend & Hall Of Fame Big Tit Starlet, Sapphire, when she returned to bless the game. The industry went crazy when big booty suck & fuckstar, Veronica Bottoms, returned to the industry which loves her dearly, and picked up right where she left off…destroying dicks with perfection. And just recently, iconic big booty legend, the Great Ms. Marshae, recently returned – and instantly became again, as she was before, one of the genre’s most sought after talents. And of course, we would be fools if we didn’t mention the recent return of the great Africa Sexxx – who is quickly dominating all categories of the voluptuous adulte genre.

These ladies all represent highly anticipated returns that lovers of voluptuous adult entertainment have thought about for years & were blessed with after what seemed like forever. And all of these ladies, legacies will be cemented with extra vigor with the accomplishments they are working on in there return …and with that said, it got all of us at the offices of PHAT thinking – “What Returns To The Voluptuous Adult Entertainment Would Be The Greatest & Completely Shut Down The Game?”

…so, with that question asked – we here at PHAT put together a list, in no particular order, of the “#TopTen Would-Be Most Epic Returns”. Now to make this list extra challenging we purposefully left off OBVIOUS no-brainer selections. Of course EVERYONE would love to see PinkyXXX, Cherokee D’Ass, Renee Ross, Sapphire, Mz. Booty, etc. And we all had to agree with the list the ten names being on this list – so the discussion, as all of our list discussions are, were heated & intense…but in the end – here it is…PHAT’s #TopTen Would-Be Most Epic Returns!!!

PLEASE NOTE – WE ARE NOT CONFIRMING, SAYING, NOR REPORTING THAT ANY OF THESE WOMEN ARE COMING BACK TO XXX. We do not know of any plans, and sincerely hope these women are enjoying their lives. This is simply a list of our opinions of what the Top 10 Greatest Comebacks to Voluptuous XXX would be – Let Us Know What You Think Of Our List in the comments below:

#10: Vanessa Blake

Beautiful white women with donks. While this is becoming more and more common now, Vanessa Blake is one modern originals, that brought all of that tremendous ass she has to the industry, & churned out a hell of a collection of stellar performances as an amazing oralist, fuckstar, and all out awesome performer. She helped ignite a subgenre of voluptuous XXX – and there is no doubt that a comeback from Miss Blake would definitely flame the world once again!

#9. Charlie Cooper

Big Tit Excellence, three of just many words that described the woman known to the Voluptuous Adult World as Charlie Cooper. There are far and few women in between that contain the assets, the ability, the look, along with that “it” factor to transcend XXX. Charlie Cooper was without a doubt one of those few women whose skills & performing shut the game down when she appeared and debuted. And we cannot even begin to imagine how much bigger those tits have become – with the same bubbly personality…her comeback would a gamechanger like no other.

#8. Lady Snow

When you talk about exciting, one of the first names that comes to mind in the world of voluptuous XXX is without a doubt one of the most dynamic adult entertainers, big tit adult entertainers particularly, of all time – and that is the big bust legendary performer/actress, Lady Snow. This is a woman who broke the status quo of big bust performers, by not just being a big pair of tits to look at, but showing the ability to fuck, suck, and do both hard. Which skyrocketed her to the top of the game, and in the highest of demand. No doubt a return to the industry would be something nothing short of joyous…it would be huge!

#7. Peaches Larue

Peaches LaRue is personally one of our favorite voluptuous adult actresses ever. A total package of supreme thickness, huge tits, huge hips, so much ass, and she just looks & lusts so beautifully getting fucked. Peaches Larue quickly grew a solid fanbase as a result of the great work she put into the industry. Making classic scenes with excellent replay value even to this day – Peaches Larue was instantly a Must-See talent. Her love of the dick, and her unyielding hunger for it always seemed to never be quenched. And all of that always translated so well on camera, Not to mention she has that dynamic “It” factor. We have wanted her return for years, and we always will. We just hope it happens soon, if at all.

#6. Bootylicious

Bootylicious came into the industry, in her very first debut scene, with fanfare that even long term veterans of the business never experienced, along with having to this day one of the greatest asses in the history of adult entertainment – where monster booty pioneers such as Cherokee D’Ass, or Mz. Booty shattered the mold of big booty XXX, the lovely Bootylicious refined with her own unique style, look, and approach to XXX. As a result, she quickly became one of the most preeminent & in-demand talents of all time. With fans, still to this day, still wanting more and more of her – a comeback to the world of XXX would be monumental to say the least.

#5. Millie Carter

While perhaps being one of the most unknown of the women on this list so far, the fact that she appears on it speaks purely to the effect that this woman brought onto the game when she appeared. Millie Carter – stacked with nothing but ass, more ass, and even more ass, as well as being armed with a devastatingly succulent head game of her own, Millie Carter exploded onto the underground amateur world voluptuous XXX and became an instant hit. The way she took dick, sucked dick, fucked dick, and just got fucked…was just pure XXX gold. And we have personally been asking all of our sources and everyone we know if she would ever return – to which we still do not know if we will ever see her again. But a comeback from this high-powered megadonk lovely would be a major MAJOR look.

#4. Scrumptious

A we are often asked here at PHAT many times is “Who are some ladies who can, or could have completely taken the genre over?“, and the answer we give each and every time is the iconic Scrumptious. With a relatively very short career, Scrumptious came onto the scene with one of the greatest figures of all time in voluptuous adult entertainment, along with one of the greatest asses in the history of adult entertainment period. And in her short time in the industry – every scene she released was heavily exalted, due to her sexiness, figure, and fantastic performing ability. Immediately viewed as on her way to being one of the Greatest Of All-Time, and it seemed as just as quickly as she entered the industry, she left. But true fans of voluptuous XXX remember her time here, and just how special it was. And there is no doubt, if she was to return, she would pick up where she left off, and achieve GOAT status. She is and was simply amazing!

#3. Ms. Deja

If you are a fan of Black Tail, like we are…then you should know that since that time til now, the lovely Ms. Deja was, is, and will continue to be one of the greatest names in big bust, as well as adult modeling period. Along with being exiquisitely beautiful, she is undoubtedly in our Top 10/Top 5 of the greatest breasts of All-Time. So with that she should be a shoe in for one of the most popular voluptuous XXX actresses of all time. Not quite, even though her stint in B/G XXX was extremely short – the scenes she did do for a certain company, in our opinion strictly (while hundreds of others have agreed), did not know what in the fuck they were doing with this Goddess – and we will leave it at that. So just based on that alone, the legend & future Hall of Famer, Ms. Deja, making a comeback to XXX, and shot the way she was supposed to have been – would be so epic & unforgettable. We love this woman.

#2. Da’ Butt

Da’Butt – the owner of pound for pound the biggest ass of all time in the history of Adult & XXX; and possibly the world? The last part is a debate for another day – but one thing that cannot be debated is the blaze that this woman set forth in the industry with her debut scene on From that scene, Da’Butt (formerly known as “The Butt“) instantly became the most popular woman in the genre, going on to selling diamond scenes for companies and websites. When you have the biggest ass in the history of XXX of course you are going to be in demand. And with her reemergence back into adult somewhat – if she were to comeback into the game, we are all but certain it would force the game to reset itself to take on the buzz and demand. Without a doubt it would be arguably the biggest comeback ever if done right.

#1. Anastasia Vanderbust

There has never been a more XXX popularity enigma more profound & outstanding than the sublime & gorgeous, Anastasia Vanderbust. From an amateur shot dicksucking video that went viral, came an icon of the likes we have never seen. Anastasia Vanderbust burst upon the scene and was an immediate favorite. She is and was the total package – intoxicating eyes, big beautiful breasts, so much ass, and some of the greatest pure sucking and fucking skills we have have ever seen. We are talking about Vanessa Del Rio caliber talent, GOAT level abilities, and a tremendous “It” factor that quickly pushed her to the top echelon of top talents within the adult industry in its entirety. You hear Greatest of All Time some times, Anastasia Vanderbust was that. And no doubt, a comeback from this powerful woman in XXX, it would just be so so right, and so so needed and wanted from fans worldwide! We just hope we see it. We need to see it. We beg to see it – hopefully we will…one day.

So there it is – Did We Get Our List Right? Give Us Your Top 10 Comebacks, as well as your comments in the Comments below: