#TopFive Most Epic Performances Of…Victoria Secret…So Far!


She has entered the sacred olympian halls & joined the Pantheon of Voluptuous Adult Legends by becoming one of the Top 10 Greatest Voluptuous Adult Entertainers of All-Time – Victoria Secret, with a career of sheer superior XXX action since the very beginning has emerged as as one of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment’s most hallowed & most impressive since her beginning scenes of rookie excellence to her now veteran scenes as a XXX heroine virtuoso! Too much hype – well we’d beg to differ – if you are a true fan of voluptuous adult/XXX then you know far too well how Victoria Secret came into the game & turned heads back in the mid to late 2000s, when the BBW AND Big Booty Craze was at an all time high – and this cute & drop-dead sexy latina with -what we called “the Megatron Donk” (as it that ass is so fucking huge & diabolically evil in how it destroys dicks) came in virtually out of the blue & dominated both categories – AT THE SAME DAMN TIME (…at the same damn time, at the same damn time!) from the jump with her Ass-stounding performances in Evasive AnglesGigantic Brickhouse Butts #5” where she she out worked the work in her scene with Nathan Threat; or her fucking insane works with CJ Wright….not to mention the mad love & lust she created with her work on the 2008 Urban Spice Award Winning Classic Black Market Entertainment’sInfattuation #2. The stats, the catalog, and the work does not lie – and we are not even scratching the surface of her filmography, let alone the masterpieces she has dropped since her Return to XXX in 2017!

The stunning Victoria Secret set the voluptuous adult world on fire at a time when donks ruled the earth – but monster badonkadonks were coming slowly & gradually coming into the game heavy. The world was about to be introduced to new breed of ass & action with dimensions that could not have been previously imagined – a new breed that would be spear headed by the lovely Victoria Secret herself.  Cherokee D’Ass had laid the frame work for rediculously big asses in XXX to prosper & threw the lob,  Victoria Secret took flight and slam dunked it with authority as she made her intro into the biz, and made her way into voluptuous adult lore!  Victoria Secret was/is the woman that transitioned the entire industry from the Huge Donk Era of Cherokee D’Ass, into the Monster Donk era – where the biggest of the big asses, like Mz. Booty, Da’ Butt, Mazzeratie Monica, and now Asstyn Martin, Julie Ginger, & more would soon and are now thriving with a venegence! But it was more than just the ass that made Victoria Secret the prized gem in voluputous XXX. It was her entire aura, her swag that she brought when she appeared in front of the camera, and as she appears on camera to this very day – she still brings it. That and her incredible head style that is just as notorious as her booty of bombshells. This woman’s dicksucking expertise is just sheer professional to the highest meaning and degree of the word. She is a master oralist, and that head game adds to the already highly fabled career that she has built for herself.

There is no denying that Victoria Secret is a Hall of Fame voluptuous adult entertainer, and now that she has returned to pick up unleashing onto the game her own brand of XXX eye candy assault – she is undoubtedly become first ballot premium now! And believe us we could go on & on…but after a catalog of fire performances consistently over her 10+ year career of classic making – we here at PHAT have to ask ourselves…Just what are the #Top5 Most Epic Performances of The One & Only Supreme Donk Absolute – Victoria Secret?

We at the offices of PHAT have once again assembled a team to evaluate the greatness of the totality  of all of the scene of official release for purchase – and we have put together of favorite from Da Bomb to Flawless Perfection. As always we have strictly included only scenes which feature Victoria Secret alone in XXX action. Check It Out & Leave Your Comments Below & tell us if we got it right, or wrong:

Honorable Mention #2: “Gigantic Brickhouse Butts #7” – feat. Victoria Secret & Rock The Icon (Evasive Angles)

A list so hard we needed 2 Honorable Mentions – and for the 2nd Honorable nod it goes to Victoria’s work with Rock The Icon for Evasive Angle’sGigantic Brickhouse Butts #7“. Just a high energy fuck, from Victoria Secret as Rock The Icon her pussy  with all his might like the good pussy that we all know it must be.

Honorable Mention: #1: “Tippin’ Tha Scales”  feat. Victoria Secret & J. Strokes (Combat Zone Entertainment)

While getting the first Honorable nod, this scene with Victoria Secret was actually one of our favorites. Good energy & chemistry between these two and the setting of it all was different which added an overall vibe. These two have performed a few scenes together before, but in this one…the fucking seemed extra hard which made for a great scene.

#5: “Big Girl Workout” – feat. Victoria Secret & Charlie Macc (Evasive Angles)

At #5 – we have a bomb ass scene with Victoria Secret taking on the long dick of Charlie Macc. Its is just beautiful to see Victoria tested on such a dick & she passes the test by delivering all that phat ass as she works that pussy and melodically swallows as much of Macc as she can and it is just hypnotic to watch!

#4: “Gigantic Brickhouse Butts #5” – feat. Victoria Secret & Nathan Threat (Evasive Angles)

This is yet another scene that really drives home the point that Victoria Secret has some of the best pussy in the industry – because Nathan Threat is relentlesss when he is inside it. Long stroking Victoria Secrets to visual lust that’s written all over her face.

#3: “Chubby Chasing” – feat. Victoria Secret & JB (PlumperPass/Sensational Video)

This scene holds a special place in all of our hearts and as fans of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment & particularly of Victoria Secret it should in yours. For this was the first scene not only of her return, but her first on-camera anal scene, and it was just so good to see how excellent she took dick in the ass. And with this return, it cemented her legacy as one of the Top 10 Greatest Voluptuous Adult XXX Performers of All-Time! Not to mention that this was just a fucking very fun scene to watch.

#2: “Damn, Shorty Got A Thicky Thick” – feat. Victoria Secret & Shorty Mac (Black Market Entertainment)

When ever we see the great paired up with Shorty Mac, those who have at least, its always a classic fuck session just for the sheer wonder of how they will deal with the fattest dick in porn history. And we get to witness Victoria Secret test her head, pussy, & fuck-hard attitude to the limits. And it she still makes it look so effortlessly as she handles the dick of Shorty. And to see Victoria take such a hard fucking from Shorty Mac, and not run…further cements her already etched in stone legacy as one of the greats!

#1: “Casting BBWs” – feat. Victoria Secret & Juan Largo (PlumperPass/Sensational Video)

When we tell you that this entire list was frustration of outstanding works of porn by this beautiful woman, that is an understatement as so many scenes were mentioned that just as easily could have been on the list and possibly #1, but as a collective we had to agree that the #1 Greatest Scene (…so far) was “Casting BBWs” in where took on Juan Largo in an epic fuck & suck clinic. If you want to know why we say that Victoria Secrets is one of the best triple threat XXX entertainers in the business. This scene will prove it to you as Secrets just puts on a flawless victory of dicksuck session on Juan. And some of the deepest cowgirl riding ever. And Juan Largo just fucks and fucks and fucks this woman as hard as Victoria Secrets divine pussy will handle. And it can handle good fucking. Just an incredible scene…the best so far…but this is Victoria Secrets…so the best is ALWAYS yet to come!

…SO that’s our #Top5 Most Epic Performances of Victoria Secret – Did we miss anything, did we get it right, did we get it wrong – Leave Your Comments Below –