When we talk of ladies who will go down in history as, not only being one of the best of the best as adult actresses – but also, having the absolute biggest breasts in the literal history of the entire XXX profession – there is definitely one name (of two)  that must & will always be included in the #Top5, #Top3, or even #Top2 of anyone’s list – and that is…the Milky One herself…Mz. Diva!

Mz. Diva’s career in the world of adult entertainment is storied as one of modeling, & porn’s, greatest tales of relatively unknown to instant promenince…arguably ever. True, big boob & XXX historians will all tell you of how – Mz. Diva…well before the advent of social media (at least as we now know it), simply exploded unto the scene from one photo set from an amateur big boob site [ShoutsOut to all who remember Rex Walter’sBlackAmateurBoobs.com] – and how that one photoset featuring a young lovely chocolate woman with hypnotic eyes AND packing breasts the likes of which, & damn sure the size of which had hardly ever been seen before – overnight gone viral & became the talk of web forums & social sites world wide. And as more & more photosets appeared – a fanbase starting as thousands upon thousands, seemed to triple with every week. Word spreading far and wide from universities to barbershops across the world about the how this woman named Mz. Diva – was truly the destined to be the next big things in adult entertainment. And was quickly given the title of “The Second Biggest Titties In The World“!

…and if her modeling was the firestorm that made her the talk of a nation…then her move to XXX was the gasoline that would etch her name into voluptuous adult royalty forever, and make her the talk of the world – as she would single handedly re-ignited the  Massive Tit XXX market & craze – which,for the most part, was virtually non-existent, or confused with the simply big/huge tit xxx craze of the mid to late 2000s.

With her first & heavily anticipated XXX scene on ATL-Bad-Boy.com, destroyed  the myth that BBWs With Ginormous Titties can’t fuck…and the world watched in amazement as the (then) 2nd Biggest Titties in the World became the Biggest Tits In All Of XXX at that time. And every scene from that moment on was a must have. Mz. Diva kept churning out classics and turning heads in amazement with her hard grinding ‘gimme more’ fuck style causing cold sweats, hard dicks, and damp pussies across the globe like no other massively breasted XXX talent before her.

Even though Mz. Diva has retired from the world of XXX, yet still tours across the country – her resume & catalog still captivates audiences to this day. Known all over as #TheBiggestTIttiesInTheSouth, Mz. Diva’s works, like many of her peers in the ultra-massive titty community, will be forever classic. And with such an extensive catalog – we here at PHAT Magazine just had to answer this question – (that was emailed in by at least 200 fans through our email – luvnphat@phat-mag.com) – “What Are The #Top5 Most Epic XXX Performances Of Mz. Diva!

Much like the highly popular Lexxxi Luxe #Top5 Epic Performances list (which you can check out here), we sat down with some of PHAT-Mag.com’s most knowledable porn experts, fans, & historian’s to compile this short list. We only included releases done by other studios, as well as scenes featuring her as the lone actress….check it out and see if you agree with our list:

Honorable Mention: The Official Debut Of Mz. Diva (ATL-Bad-Boy.com):

Of course, the debut & very first on-camera fuck of Mz. Diva has to get “Honorable Mention”. This was the scene kicked the superhot 2nd wave of Mz. Diva!

#5. Mz. Diva vs Dick James – Heatwave Video

Outstanding Classic Scene by Mz. Diva as she takes on Dick James. Mz. Diva pulls out moves from her entire arsenal that make this a much classic scene that you will watch over and over.

#4. Mz. Diva vs. Juan Largo – PlumperPass/Sensational Video

Mz. Diva come to the World of PlumperPass.com and takes on Woodsman, Juan Largo, in a high-octine hi-def fuck in which Mz. Diva goes all out….and oh how we love the way the titties hang in reverse cowgirl!

#3. “Tag Team Diva” – BustyBabyDolls.com

This was Mz. Diva’s first 3some scene – and truly showed that she wasn’t just some chick with big breasts, but she was built to take handle any sexual situation and come out on top. Incredible fucking by Mz. Diva!

#2. Mz. Diva vs. Asante Stone – PlumperPass.com/Sensational Video

Mz. Diva makes her return to PlumperPass.com better than ever as she takes on PlumperPass Lumberjack, Asante Stone, in a powerful fuck scene that just looks like an all out fun fuck, and what fucks are fun when these huge legendary titties are involved!

#1. Mz. Diva vs. Rock The Icon – Heatwave Video

Perhaps the best overall Mz. Diva fuck flick, collectively speaking…this was a hard one to come to a consensus on but one thing can’t be denied – Mz. Diva goes all out in this scene with Rock the Icon, fucking like a woman possessed while wielding some of the biggest titties in the world like a BOSS!

Did we get this list right? Or did we get this list wrong – Let Us Know In The Comment Section Below: