#TopFive Most Epic Performances of…Mz. Booty


When its all said and done, & the debates about who is who in the world of voluptuous adult entertainment are complete – without a doubt, one who will most definitely be standing in the Pantheon of Adult Entertainment’s Greatest Entertainers, Hall of Famers, & Most Monumental/Biggest Asses of All-Time will be the incredible phenom that ignited the modern monster donk movement…the one & only… Mz. Booty!

Hardly has their ever been a woman who captured the attention of an entire industry & genre in quite the fashion that Mz. Booty has. A woman who literally changed the scope of Adult Entertainment, XXX, and Modeling like no one before. Making her debut at a time when the donk craze was in full swing & the hottest thing ever in mainstream XXX (thanks to the contributions of legendary actresses such as Cherokee D’Ass, Crystal Clear, Pinky, Bootylicious, & a host of others), Mz. Booty rise to prominence and soon XXX lore began on the amateur side. For many of us, our first glimpse of her came from historic donk site, ATL-Bad-Boy – where she shut down all senses of beings when we first observed what was the biggest asses ever seen in adult entertainment. It was simply unfathomable, and once it was shown that the owner of this ass know how to excel at throwing that ass in fierce cowgirl & doggystyle positions, as well as relentlessly attack dick with a gusto with her mean bomb ass oral style – it was quickly clear – that we about to evolve from the era of the donk, into the “Monster Donk Era“, with Mz. Booty not only spearheading the way, but becoming the most dominant force in it.

Word quickly spread all across the internet about cute and sexy chocolate diva with the so much ass you could serve milk & cookies off of it – and within an instant Mz. Booty grew from XXX folklore, to a powerhouse actress within the industry. Studios from all across the nation were clamoring to get the rights to film one of 8th Wonders Of Ass In the History of Adult Entertainment. All of that clamoring resulted in a classic collection of epic & classic works that are still to this day the most viewed and talked about – making Mz. Booty an intense force unlike which the industry had never quite seen before. Which only intensified when she filmed, perhaps her most popular work, with industry powerhouse at the time, Pinky XXX, in “Pinky Presents Mz. Booty” from Royalty Entertainment/Black Market. Which expertly crafted & chronicled not only Mz. Booty’s storied and intense oral & fucking ability…but just captured the one thing we still can’t get enough of to this day…which is that legendary ass in a way that hasn’t been topped.

Mz. Booty’s career in the business of modeling & XXX laid the foundation monster booty craze – where she helped also push & galvanize the standard that it wasn’t simply enough to have a whole lot of ass, but it was also necessary to know how to use it and bring the total package to your repertoire. The sexy, the sex appeal, the swag – on top of skills, ability, intensity, as well as one of the biggest asses in the world – Mz. Booty brought that with all the heat; we still remember the words & debates that she would be the heir apparent the powerhouse success of Pinky XXX due to her dominance in the business & how fans worldwide just wanted more and more and more of her – and make no mistake about it – we all do.

Mz. Booty brought to the industry a collection epic performances that still hold the test of time as being some of the greatest monster booty performances of all time. Which is why the world was hella psyched when after a long hiatus Mz. Booty returned briefly for a XXX scene on PinkyXXX.com where she was teamed up with Jovan Jordan & Ms. Cleo. Since then, aside from some impressive modeling gigs – we have not seen that much of Mz. Booty. And we dare not say her career in adult entertainment is over – at least all of here at PHAT and millions everywhere EXTREMELY hope she has not called it quits permanently. But one thing is for sure – that her catalog contains performances that many will rank as some of the greatest performances in adult entertainment history…

…and we here at PHAT Magazine brought together our head writers, consultants, and porn historians for a discussion of great debate as we pick and debated for you – The #TopFive Most Epic Performances of Mz. Booty!!! (As always, we are only including scenes featuring Mz. Booty as the sole female performer.)

Honorable Mention: Mz. Booty & Shorty Macc – “The Art of Fucking” (PinkyXXX.com/Exqusite)

We debated on this classic scene probably most of all – This scene show perhaps just how dynamic Mz. Booty was as a performer by taking on the thickest dick in XXX history in Shorty Mac, and just going ham on it like no other performer, and we mean no other, has. Mz. Booty is just fucking awesome!

Honorable Mention: Mz. Booty x Pinky XXX x Maurice x J. Cannon – “Pinky Presents Mz. Booty” (Royalty Entertainment/Black Market)

We tried desperately to leave this off of this list, because of rule that these types of lists only contain solo performances.  But the greatness of this scene is just undeniable – and one of the greatest scenes in adult entertainment history. Mz. Booty & Pinky put on a literal dicksucking/big booty fucking clinic in not only this scene but the whole damn DVD – which if you don’t own, you are not a true fan at all – “Pinky Presents Mz. Booty” is an abolute must have – and this scene is just one of 5 reasons why Mz. Booty will go down as one of the greats.

#5. Mz. Booty & J. Strokes – “Massive Black Ass” (Magic Productions)

The chemistry & combination of Mz. Booty & J. Strokes are excellent. They always provide awesome scenes and no one quite fucks Mz. Booty with the efficiency that J. Strokes does. They always go at it at 100% and this was, in our opinion, her best of the best performances with him…and trust they were all BANGERS.

#4: Mz. Booty & Charlie Macc – “Gigantic Brickhouse Butts #8” (Evasive Angles)

In addition to having one of the biggest and most amazing asses in adult history, Mz. Booty also has some of the greatest walkaways of all time, as shown in this classic feature. Watching Mz. Booty pair up with Charlie Mac and destroy the dimensions of that dick are just an incredible site to witness. Just watching Mz. Booty throw all that ass back on the entirety of his dick just more than shows that she is one of the greatest in this energetic fuck.

#3. Mz. Booty & Shane Diesel – “Big Cheeked Freaks” (Bootylicious Mag/Score)

Watching Mz. Booty take on the challenge of Shane Diesel is a milestone in her career, and a hell of a fantastic performance. Mz. Booty has always been the dynamite performer that fears no dick, only destroys them as only she can – and she proves that fact in this short but powerful fuck scene. The way we watch Mz. Booty just suck that dick with the same intense energy as she always brings is a testament to her professionalism and superior skill as one of porn’s great adult actresses. And just watching her enjoy and take Shane Diesel balls deep doggystyle and not run…this woman is just phenomenal!

#2. Mz. Booty & Nathan Threat –

Nathan Threat always brings passion, skill, and technique, in all of his scenes…and when faces off with the mighty donk of Mz. Booty, those skills are tasted, as Mz. Booty works her booty & pussy game to perfection, and blesses him with a premo suck. Mz. Booty delivers on all levels here. Its just a fun & fantastic scene that shows her sex range…while at the same time showing just how hard she can slam that ass on the dick.

#1. Mz. Booty & Rock The Icon – “Biggest Ass Ever #2” (West Coast Productions)

First off, this walkaway is in our top 3 as one of the greatest walkaways in porn history. And the scene excels far beyond almost anything that Mz. Booty has ever done. Here we see the confident swag of Mz. Booty like never before – she simply goes all out in this scene with Rock the Icon who just fucks with a purpose of more than for the cameras…but with the goal to tame the wild ass of Mz. Booty – who’s incredible performance once again shows that that mighty donk just can’t be tamed.  The energy in this performance is just on 100 from the very start of the scene. And everything works in it from the hair to the oil, to the dicksucking.  Which is why this comes in as the best & most epic (solo XXX) scene of Mz. Booty!

…we hope and pray that Mz. Booty makes a return to add onto this already outstanding catalog of work that she has brought forth. Because the industry most defintiely needs, wants, and demands her back. But…with that said what do you guys think of our list – did we get it right, did we get it wrong…? And let us be clear, all of this woman’s performances are pure fire…and this is just her solo XXX work. For even more hot performances – defintiely check out and purchase her iconic scenes when she is partnered up with greats like Pinky, Joei Deluxxx, and more.

We normally add social media information for fans to reach out and show love and support – but all of Mz. Booty’s social media info has been inactive or no longer existant. So if any.one has any updated information about Mz. Booty – hit us up at luvnphat@phat-mag.com