When you mention the name Lexxxi Luxe to the fans & lovers of the genre of voluptous XXX, the first thing the comes to mind is sheer & utter amazement at the dominance that this woman has had, & continues to have, since her inception into the World of XXX. Widely regarded, by millions worldwide as the chosen one since the time when she was breaking the internet with her viral webclips as “Anorei Collins“, Lexxxi Luxe  desecended onto the XXX landscape with an anticipation, following, & fanfare which was almost unheard of at that time. Equipped a lovely, cute, beautfy, bbw thickness, & with her notoriously ginormous, & now officially legendary breasts that still stagger the minds to this day at their dimensions at an incredible P-cup, her very first XXX scene sent shockwaves through the entire industry – and on that day same day she was instantly crowned by many as the #1 woman in the all of voluptuous adult entertainment, with talk of being the heir to the almighty title of Greatest Voluptuous Adult Entertainer of All-Time one day; & since that time she has without a doubt remained in that top echelon of “#1” & greatest performers for almost a decade by releasing scene after scene of pure classic pornography material that has only added to her greatness…

The catalog of Lexxxi Luxe is fillled with 5 star classic material, & hoarded by fans throughout the world. Everytime that she has released new scenes, those scenes have quickly amassed views of well over 100,000 within hours. Simply unheard of back then, and still unheard of to now – having such a feat only be accomplished by very few voluptuous adult entertainers.

So with such a mighty catalog of gold standard hardcore classics, and believe us, just about %99.9 of her catalog is classic – we here at PHAT Magazine decided to debate, discuss, & decided to the question of – What are the Top 5 Most Epic Fucks (Performances) of The Great Lexxxi Luxe!

NOTE: This is a list of our opinion of Lexxxi Luxe’s Top 5 Most Epic Performances – NOT TOP 5 MOST EPIC SCENES – there is a difference. The performances compiled were debated & agreed to by a consensus of our staff here at PHAT HQ. Criterion for this list were Lexxxi Luxe alone in boy/girl scenes – group scenes, and scenes with more than one female star were not amongst the debate.


5.”Over Easy” feat. Stallion (PlumperPass/Sensational Video)

Coming in at #5 is the “Over Easy” with Lexxxi Luxe & Stallion. This is an incredible scene because of the pure lust for Stallion’s cock that Lexxxi shows all through out it. Stallion fucks Lexxxi Luxe ruthlessly, almost like no other adult actor has fucked her. This scene is fucking hot & is easily amongst Lexxxi’s all-time classic scenes. What prevented it from getting even higher was the fact that there was no cowgirl/reverse cowgirl in the scene. Lexxxi Luxe in cowgirl is a must because we get to see those great breast bounce for dear life, and we can only imagine the manuevers they would have been doing if she was able to ride Stallion.  We would have loved for this scene to have been on a bed, so Stallion could have really gotten into it. But do not be confused by any means…this is a fucking epic classic performance – that has led to many fans asking for a rematch between these too…we totally agree & hope that these two meet up again real soon if possible.

4. “Burglarize My Boobs” feat. Ramon (PlumperPass/Sensational Video)

At #4 we have “Burgalrize My Boobs” featuring Lexxxi Luxe taking on the cock of The One & Only Ramon!  There is nothing better to see, and Lexxxi Luxe fans worldwide would agree, than Lexxxi taking on mammoth jumbo penis – & very few come more jumbo than the cock of Ramon. Watching Ramon provide such gargantuan penis to Lexxxi Luxe & then to witness Lexxxi Luxe filled to max capacity in her mouth & pussy with such dick, and let alone fucked expertly with it is why this scene is one of her most epic flix ever. Some of the biggest tits in the entire XXX industry belong to Lexxxi Luxe…its only right she receive a great fuck from one of the biggest dicks in Ramon!


3. “Evil Angel Lexxxi Luxe” feat. Christian (from “Evil BBW Gold” by Evil Angel)

One of the great attributes to Lexxxi Luxe’s career is her ability to always give great visuals with her fucking. In the DVD from Evil Angel, entitled “Evil BBW Gold“,  Lexxxi stunned yet again by providing a visually stunning & incredible fuck  when she was paired off with co-star, Christian. When it comes to Christian & Lexxxi Luxe, there isn’t perhaps a better pairing when it comes to just raw organic chemistry on camera. These two always deliver a monumental fuck everytime they get together. So much so that rankings #6 through #10 of Lexxxi’s most epic fucks are probably all with her getting fucked by Christian. This particular scene shines particularly bright for one main reason….the extended reverse cowgirl portion of this scene that has become another trademark of Lexxxi’s career. The way Christian aggressively fucks this pussy in this scene just stands out. And its seems like very few can bring out the unadulterated carnality of Lexxxi like Christian can. Just check any other their many scenes together. And that’s why this scene gets to #3 on our list.

2. “BBW Butthole Pounding” Featuring Levi (PlumperPass/Sensational Video)

Lexxxi Luxe…& ANAL…’nuff said! IF there was any scene that could come close to the magnitude & the anticipation of her very first scene, ( & her scenes with Sofia Rose, Mazzi Monica, & of course the Greatest Scene of All Time)…it was her classic EPIC fuck on “BBW Butthold Pounding” featuring her & Levy!  The greatest bbw in the game, with arguably the biggest tits in the entire business, who was dropping banger after banger, after banger….and then word dropped that she was about to release her very 1st anal scene?!?!? This scene shook the voluptous XXX landscape upon its release, and we ourselves at PHAT spend hours debating as to why this wasn’t in fact THE #1 EPIC Performance of her career, as it has been many millions of fans in the voluptuous XXX community! This scene is action packed from the start to the very finish…and Levy delivered such an energetic fuck of Lexxxi before the anal took place…but it was when we heard those words that a whole legion of Lexxxi fans had been waiting their whole lives to hear…”…i’d love for you to fuck me in my ass!” , that’s when the intensity of the scene increased beyond 100% as we saw the backdoor of Lexxxi Luxe properly fucked & serviced as it should have been. And the action was so great, she looked like a long-time veteran of anal penetration as Levy was simply pounding away non-stop. We had already known that Lexxxi Luxe was the Volupltuous Adult’s Next Big Thing…this scene cemented & squared it!

1. “2 For 1 BBW Special” feat. Mark Anthony x Shane Diesel (PlumperPass/Sensational Video)

…but there can only be one #1 Most Epic Performance for the future GOAT/Hall Of Famer actress Lexxxi Luxe…and if there was any performance that could follow up these four outstanding classic performances…it would be this one…which was actually the follow-up scene the #2 scene on our list. This was the performance entitled “2 for 1 BBW Special” where the combined penile powers of Mark Anthony & “El Anaconda” Shane Diesel descended on big titty Lexxxi, and destroyed her mouth & pussy  with MAXIMUM NON-STOP COCK! Just the fact that these two dicks going against any woman would be a challenge but when you add them to the hottest woman in the business with some of the biggest titties, it is a fuckfest that could only be dreamed to be believed. Well, the dream came true in this outright fuck bonanza. Just watching Lexxxi Luxe suck the dicks of these two gentleman was amazing, to see her have to switch between elongating her throat to suck the dick of Marc Anthony, & then unhinging her jaws just to suck the mere girth of the head of Shane Diesel, and swtich back and forth between the two was EPIC in itself. But it was when these two proceeded to fucking the great Lexxxi, thats when EPICness transformed to delightful insanity! Mark Anthony increasing the depths of that pussy, as Lexxxi tries to find whatever empty space in her mouth & throat for Shane that she can. Lexxxi loving the dick of Mark Anthony as he fucks her with all fury, and then followed by the incredible girth of Shane Diesel, who fucks Lexxxi’s pussy into a sex filled pulp seemingly. The two of these gentlemen just showing dick non-stop into the mouth & pussy of Lexxxi….how could this performance not be Lexxxi’s best performance of her career……….so far!

…so that’s it, PHAT’s #Top5 Most EPIC Performances of one of the Greatest Voluptous Adult Performers of All-Time, Lexxxi Luxe has come to its end. We know there will be lots of discussion & debate amongst you #PHATNation about what should be on this list & what shouldn’t be. A lot of you will agree with this list, a lot of you may disagree with this list. We welcome the debate & cant wait to read your comments below. But just remember one thing…Lexxxi Luxe is still making classics, & this list can & may look totally different this time in 2018.  One thing that we do know for certain…is that Lexxxi Luxe is the fucking bomb, and that we can never ever have enough of her. We anxiously await to see the many more EPIC performances she has in store to bless the world with.

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…just one more thing before we go…we couldn’t possibly do a Lexxxi Luxe list without mentioning her very first scene…

Most Honorable Mention: “A Bad Plumper-Fucker”  feat. Christian (PlumperPass/Sensational Video)

…we told you earlier, that the chemistry between Christian & Lexxxi Luxe on camera is intense, and that the next 5 spots on the list would proably belong to them. Well this performance would be #6…and it was the intensity that made this scene so EPIC! This was the very first XXX scene of Lexxxi Luxe, and the reason why this scene is on this list an honorable mention, is that this scene is the performance that was not only one of the most anticipated performances in all of adult history, but because the action here was so fucking EPICally AWESOME – this was also the scene where rest of the voluptuous adult world recognized that the next evolution of voluptuous adult entertainment had begun, & that Lexxxi wasn’t just a big tit model with a buzz trying her hand at XXX, but she was a woman on a mission to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest who ever did it.