ThickBody Julie Cash Debuts on


The New phenomenon (“white women wit’ ass!” , see Ludacris “Blow It Out Ya Ass”) has been spreading rampant all across the adult entertainment industry for the longest. But when it comes to the absolute best of the best who personify that title – then very few top the ultra thickbody – Julie Cash! Coinciding with our philosphy that the biggest asses in the world reside in Texas, Dallas bred Julie Cash has a catalog full of awesome performances featuring her and all of that ass showing out on the biggest of dicks…with an extreme appreciation to black dick it would seem. So, it seemed only right that Royalty Entertainment finally got the opportunity to bless Miss Cash with her debut scene on

Blessed with the duty of demolishing the donk of Julie Cash is woodsman & lucky bastard, Rob Piper & call it chemistry, or call it supreme lust, but these two combine their sexual energy together to deliver a #CertifiedBANGER of the highest order. Julie Cash shines brightly in this scene through the lust that she clearly shows from the moment Rob Piper enters the room. And once the dick comes out, nothing else matters and she begins to service the mighty penis of Piper ever so nicely with those lips. With the dick so big, Julie Cash gives it her devoted attention as if she is a disciple to the black cock. Focusing on it so heavily – her passion while she blesses the dick with that head game is fire on its on…but…..

…its when Rob Piper is ready test out authencity of that pussy is where this scene elevates even more dramatically. Rob Piper delivers the fuck to Julie Cash with authority – the one of the highlights of this scene, one of many is the doggystyle that gives the viewer access to see one of the porn’s most incredible asses ever. I mean that is just…..DAMN, so big, so huge, so ripe. And Rob Piper proceeds to pound the pussy while Julie Cash gives us the “Fuck It LIke Its Yours Face“. And that’s just the doggy style, let us not even get into the cowgirl, where the camera work perfectly captures the donk of Cash bouncing as Rob Piper punishes the pussy so angrily…simply put, an incredible fucking scene.

Julie Cash has trademarked her career with unapologetically handling with expert ability the biggest of black dick. And puts her through a fantastic display of excellent fucking in her debut scene for the legendary site. Head over now, purchase a membership…and be amazed!

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