Thick Puerto Rican Queen Releases Big Booty Banger With PoundHard!


We have called it, and we have said it…that Thick Puerto Rican Queen is the genre’s (& the industry’s) next big thing ( Read Here). Its not hard to see why we have said that – she has all the qualities that spell superstar and that’s not even including all of that “so-much-ass” she owns and works like a jackhammer on the dick. Plus such beauty and energy that you can not help but be hypnotized by her movements of sexual seduction. And she has wasted no time in showing just why she is the next force to be reckoned with as she has recently debuted in a new SMASH BANGER, from PoundHard Entertainment entitled, Disturbing The Peace featuring Jae Legend. Showcasing her acting chops, as well as one of the most scrumptious dimensions of those ass and titties…Thick Puerto Rican Queen shows out & goes hard in her first production release for 2019!

Disturbing The Peace features Thick Puerto Rican Queen investigating calls of loud noise disturbances in the area from one Jae Legend. And this investigation puzzles Jae Legend, who then becomes real about the situation and explains that he likes to “bang”, and who’s business is it if he likes to pound ladies hard. And upon hearing this…Thick Puerto Rican Queen figures there is a way that all of this can be worked out…and Jae Legend of course agrees…and from there on out we are presented with fuck excellence on behalf of Thick Puerto Rican Queen & Jae Legend.

Now we can not stress this enough…Thick Puerto Rican Queen is truly thick as all 7 types of hell. And we love the way this scene begins…with a nice tour of curves that precisely take after her namesake. This woman is just pure thickness personified. Even after the brief tour, just watching this woman enter scene in her security guard uniform, it is clear that her thickness can not and will not be denied, along with her just orgasmic beauty.

But, a plus for many will be how this scene does away with the build up of foreplay. For as soon as it is decided that other arrangements will be made for Jae Legend’s infractions, the scene, after another brief exploration of all that grand ass of Thick Puerto Rican Queen, quickly cuts to Jae Legend representing his label well by supremely pounding hard the outstanding pussy, all while properly showcasing all of that massive soft & vivacious ass. The imagery is damn near perfect. Watching Thick Puerto Rican Queen not only take the ruthless strokes of Jae Legend in pure enjoyment is just a thing of joy to watch. This beauty, being pounded relentlessly…its just great XXX, and Thick Puerto Rican Queen takes all his thrusts so good doggy style.

But all of Thick Puerto Rican Queen’s big ass aside, and that is an impossibility, as they switch to missionary it becomes an even more power fuck fest. With Jae Legend going ham in between the legs and superthick hams of Thick Puerto Rican Queen, watching her expressions along with her screams and quick moans of pleasure is simply a recipe erections/wetness from the viewer. This woman looks phenomenal getting fucked.

But its not only Jae Legend dishing out acts of ruthless fucking, Thick Puerto Rican Queen makes it clear that she is not just a beautiful chick with a big ass for show. She shows she knows how to throw all of that big ass down on the dick and pound hard herself, and her impressive cowgirl riding style proves all of that. Thick Puerto Rican Queen’s greedy pussy succulently swallows all of Legend’s dick, as she rides with short controlled grinds, before she leans forward and give that dick the full throw and slide of that good wet pussy all while being visually accomodated by one of XXX’s greatest big asses in the game. This woman knows how to ride dick, and how to ride dick exceptionally.

Thick Puerto Rican Queen & Jae Legend combine to make a great scene for her debut for PoundHard Entertainment. While missing a couple of elements from it, such as a great blowjob piece, and a few small continuity issues…the scene is very nicely shot, and Thick Puerto Rican Queen gives a great performance…marking her 1st scene of 2019 as a #CertifiedBanger, AND…what we can only hope  to be the beginning of great dominant year from this beautiful woman. Her performance no doubt has us salivating at the next release. Her potential is sky high, and her beauty is quite simply made for the camera. Give us More, Thick Puerto Rican Queen, we are so so ready for much much more. This scene is a #MustSee – Purchase The Full Scene at PoundHard’s Official ManyVids Store TODAY!!! The Genre’s Next Big Thing is here…and the game is about to be FIRE!!!

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8.6 #MustSee

"Disturbing The Peace" from Poundhard featuring Thick Puerto Rican Queen & Jae Legend is a very nice scene that is filmed with great quality. Thick Puerto Rican Queen's ability to take big dick hard stands out, along with overall sexiness. Her cowgirl is very nice. And the chemistry between Queen & Jae translates very well on camera. Minor faults we find was just overall length of the actual sex - which is actually a testament to how much more of Thick Puerto Rican Queen we want to see. And the lack of dicksucking stops this featurette from being 9 or higher along with some very minor pacing issues. But, the fact that this receives an 8.6 even with all that speaks volumes of Thick Puerto Rican Queen's star potential. We look forward to seeing much more!

  • HEAT 8.5
  • ACTION 8.5
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 10