Thick Puerto Rican Queen…is #theNextBigThing


In the world of Adult & XXX – Greatness can almost always be attributed to those that possess three valued traits – Skill, Style, and above all else – magnetism; that “IT” factor that just commands eyes to watch, commands full attention, and injects total lust to all non-stop. And a certain woman has been building…patiently waiting, and biding her time to release her unique brand of XXX fury onto the world as she was always meant to, and it is clear that the time is now set for her to ignite her inferno, and blaze a trail like few others can within this voluptuous adult wilderness. She is exquisitely beautiful, she and that big ol’ ass is stacked like Mrs. Butterworth pancakes, and she is ready to take the reigns of this genre…and acheive the adulation that is so long overdue – she goes by the name of Thick Puerto Rican Queen, and she is #theNextBigThing

Now if the name sounds familiar, then your mind immediately remembers her debut on; A debut in which this fully stacked tigress of salacity, stunted on the industry by bringing her beauty that steals souls, a completely flawlessly thick collection of huge ass & breasts that shocked souls, and a succulently delicious suck and fuck style that ultimately leaves those souls devoured.

Thick Puerto Rican Queen’s performance in that remarkable scene set a spark for herself & her career, as she left the masses amazed and in need and want of more of her. And as a result, she has spent the whole of 2018 making the world of voluptuous XXX hungry for more and more of her – strategically feeding them just enough to prepare them for what she has in the works for this year. A year in which is without a doubt going to shock and awe.

And when you look at this woman’s raw loveliness…along with just so much-of-all-of-that-GAWDDAMN-ass…you immediately know that the Art of Shock & Awe is something Thick Puerto Rican Queen has mastered. And in the world of XXX, she is set to be a that huge problem that comes with “shock and awe” that we just can’t wait for.

Thick Puerto Rican Queen brings a style of seduction that just brings the sexual energy in any scene immediately to its boiling point. And she has made it clear that she is not a sexy face with a whole lot of titties and ass. No – Thick Puerto Rican Queen has made a career of showing and evolving her unique style and skill of oralism which sets her apart with its patient succulent technique. Not to mention her fuck game brings the most powerful of orgasms, as her phat good pussy demands nothing but an all out beatdown from the dick. Tie all of that together and what you have is a Total XXX Performer, Entertainer, & Actress that is positioning herself to be one of the genre’s leading ladies for the 2019 & beyond – and positioning herself she as – as she recently took her Official Instagram to let the world know a taste of what they can expect…:

Thick Puerto Rican Queen’s stage has been perfectly crafted for this moment – armed with her highly honed & tediously crafted skills of sexual seduction, plus striking beauty, plus an acute ability to marvelously stunt on good dick with the finest of head, donk, and one of the most elegant pussies in the game, ALL while looking a quarter-piece while doing it – you PHATNation have been put on notice.

Thick Puerto Rican Queen is set to be…the Industry’s #NextBigThing….

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