theSuxLife: Top 5 Greatest Technical Damaris Rivera Suckoffs


She got, She got, She got, She got BBC, Sloppy Toppy inside her DNA!

Yes, that would definitely sum up the superior skills of the succulent head master, Damaris Rivera. She has quickly become one of the most popular faces & talents on the dicksucking scene. Displaying her genuine passion, love, and devotion to the art of dicksucking & developing her own unique signature head style or styles rather, Damris Rivera may have already cemented her status as one of adult entertainment’s (and we mean all of it), premiere head specialists. And at the rate she is going she may one day join the ranks of some of the greatest of all time, or “Venoms” as we call them, up their with  Obsession, Bobbi Bliss, CJ Laing, Pinky, and more…only time will tell.

However what we have tried to do here at theSuxLife & PHAT , and that is compile a list, a short list, a difficult list of Damaris Riveras’ Top 5 Greatest Technical Fellatio Performances!!!

Yes, we challenged ourselves, because anyone can do a “Best” or “Greatest” of this woman – and they would find that difficult as hell especially with a catalog of supreme dicksucking like Damaris has, but we decided to up the ante and make it even harder. We decided to search for the best fellatio scenes the display Damaris’ showcasing several techniques on the dick. In addition to that these scenes has to be BJ scenes only, no xxx scenes. And we had to come up with a consensus vote from our 7 member panel. (Yes we take dicksucking very serious, lmao). What we were looking for was: Number of different techniques used, how much hand assistance was used & how, pure sucking vs. gimmick sucking, and these had to be suckoffs, not blowjobs, and other criteria…yes, it was very thorough, but in the world of dicksucking with so much talent out there, we have to be & Damaris Rivera is one of the best in the business today.

So with out further ado…here is the – The Damaris Rivera Top 5 Most Technical Suckoffs…so far (Be Sure to follow Damaris Rivera on Twitter & Instagram):

Honorable Mention – Damaris Rivera –

5. Damaris Rivera vs. Mack Steele  –

4. Damaris Rivera & Martha Stein vs. GQ  –

3. Damaris Rivera vs. O.G.   –

2. Damaris Rivera vs  Unknown   –

1. Damaris Rivera vs. Mack