theSuxLife Presents Pinky’s 10 Greatest Fellatio Performances of All-Time!

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Pinky XXX is without a doubt one of the biggest XXX superstars we have ever seen…period. Over a 10+ year career, Pinky has put together one of the most amazing and illustrious collections and catalogs of performances,movies, hits, and business moves & simultaneously put the black/urban adult/XXX entertainment scene on her back – all while making it look easy, even though we know it was far from.

Now we can most definitely talk about and argue the many talents and attributes of Pinky that have helped put her in discussion for one of the Greatest of All Time in XXX…but without a doubt of her many signature trademarks – one in particular has always had the masses throughout the entirety of the porn world stunned, and that is…her original & dynamic fellatio style.

Pinky’s head game is to be feared & revered as arguably some of the best that this world has ever seen. Arguably the best head game since the one and only G.O.A.T Vanessa Del Rio herself – and we do mean arguably. The style she exhibits is often imitated but never duplicated. And trust us there is a lot of mean, and we do mean MEAN talent in the Head game (Skyy Black, Mz. Tongue Action, Sinn Da Truth, Ashley Heart, Ella Titzgerald, Mazzeratie Monica, Damaris Rivera, Erica Hood, Lyla Everwettt, etc., etc.), as it is slowly but surely becoming a genre amongst itself. But we still have to put Pinky atop of that list – arguably. And believe us, the question of “Is Pinky the Greatest Fellatio Master Today & of All Time?” is an argument we are still having in the office, but we will reveal that later.

But, of course us here at PHAT Magazine love a great porn argument, and we all most definitely love Pinky, & her infallable head game – so we decided to have another great discussion around the topic of “The Top Ten Greatest Pinky XXX Fellatio Performances of All-Time!” – which proved to be even harder.

We here at PHAT Magazine, along our good friends at #theSuxLife the First Official Magazine of the Head Lifestyle (COMING SOON!) – got together for a roundtable discussion to breakdown – the 10 Greatest Fellatio Performances from Pinky XXX – and while the debate was fierce, we chose our 10 best. Take a look at our list and see if you agree, then discuss.

NOTE: Due to the sheer volume of fellatio classics this woman has made, to make the list a tad bit easier (as well as to prevent a brawl from breaking out…)- we kept the list to strictly performances done by Pinky XXX by herself, AND, performances strictly done on her official website & through Royalty Entertainment (Salute).

….and without further ado, her is: Pinky’s Top Ten Greatest Fellatio Performances of All-Time!

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