TheJuiceBBW Brings The M-Ass Appeal

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Pictures and Videos that are selected for our #OMGWTF section, always makes us do a double take. But looking at the video of the  wunder-DONK of “TheJuiceBBW” (check out the video below) made us do a double take with a mouth drop. Now generally speaking let us be clear – BBWs with legitimate donks aren’t as common as one would think. They mostly just have big asses by default.

However “TheJuiceBBW” isn’t like most BBWs, that ass is deliciously out of proportion, which means it is HUGE, and…the true sign of a monster donk is one that has the true shelf that you can sit a plate of Oreo’s, A glass of milk, and a Wishlist to Santa on…and the woman known as “TheJuiceBBW” clearly has the shelf space for all that and a game of monopoly.  Following in the “ass shadows” of Legendary Ultradonks such as Charmin Brown, Da’ Butt, Mz. Booty, Hydro…”TheJuiceBBW” may just have carved her own incredible silhouette amongst these Hall of Fame asses. And that is an incredible space, with incredible company, to be in. “TheJuiceBBW” just…just has a whole lot of Premium Grade A Ass, and so much of it. And just as we are preparing are “PHAT 50 Greatest Asses List“, we come across this woman who definitely has the assets to be thrown into that list of the greatest asses every displayed in adult entertianment!

Now there is not much that we know about this remarkably designed woman…so we can only speculate about her intentions in this adult world…but what we can say is with that ass, the sky has the potential to be the limit. Hopefully we she continues to provide more, but for now, enjoy all of that ass…and for more of “TheJuiceBBW“, check her out at her PornHub page. And once you have been awestruck by all that ass once more, head over to her Clips4Sale page and support.

….geez!!! Dat Ass Doe!!!