theComeUp: Tiffany Days Is Wreaking Havoc On The Donk Scene!


The #NewDonkEra here – and one of the women who have been representing the game flawlessly is Tiffany Days.With a frame proudly displaying maximum thickness,  2017 was the an incredible year for this woman as her talent caught & sparked the eyes of thousands worldwide & led to her becoming of the years most talked about models. So much talk created an energy around her that led her create outstanding spreads and videos for websites such as &

…the come up is real as hell, as far as we are concerned. If 2017 was the breakout season of Tiffany Days – then damnit 2018 is going to be her breakneck year – because she is posed for and primed to turn some major heads and add even more hundreds of thousands of fans to anxiously awaiting fanbase. We don’t know what quite she all has planned – but what ever it is we are ready.

Her name is Tiffany Days – and she is on #theComeUp! Follow Tiffany Days on Instagram – @WintarRose, & for bookings hit up  –  MANAGEMENT4BORNROYALENT@GMAIL.COM

Respect, Props, & HUGE S/Os to &