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There is just something about the lovely & ever-so-sultry Nirvana Lust that always causes stiffness in some crotches, and wetness, in others. Her sex appeal is undeniable, this woman is just fucking stunning. Her body is just amazing, almost as if she was custom built to be a pure fuck machine – and her love for lust is just on another level. Add all those things together and you have an absolutely perfect recipe for XXX greatness – which we all agree definitely defines Nirvana Lust. And it is the reason why new Nirvana Lust is always sought after highly – and well, the good folks over at bring us just that…Nirvana Lust returning for her latest release entitled – “Fucking My Roommate“.

Nirvana Lust after awhile of noticing her roommate, Juan Largo, always lusting after her decides to step out and showcase all of her amazing curvature in the most appropriate of attire. Seducing him with all of that ass as she rests it all in his lap, she disappears briefly only to return in her bra and panties which just overwhelms the senses of all of us with carnality, as she urges and pulls Juan’s clothing off so he can finally have what he has been dreamfully lusting after. And once his clothing is off, and more importantly for Nirvana Lust – the dick is released…the magic happens as she wastes not a moment and goes right to town by fucking the dick like the ravenous sex kitten she is.

Nirvana Lust is just a fun fuck to watch, her personality always shines through as the perfect mixture of sex and happy, and that fact is proven as once the camera fades to Juan laying down with dick in hand, Nirvana immediately positions all of that wonderful phat pussy and begins to ride that dick with such fervor and eagerness – which is of course a classic Nirvana Lust trademark.

This camera catches many great angles, including one of our favorites – all of that amazing ass of Nirvana Lust riding that dick – while watching those cute floppy titties bounce all over the place as Juan grabs and catches them in his mouth to suck her lovely piecred nipples. And our favorite position of the scene (as positions were limited in this scene) was the modified one-leg standing doggy (which we are sure has an actual name)…this is where we see all that we love about Nirvana Lust as she gets fucked. We see her just oh so sexiness of the eyes, we see those large titties bouncing, the beautiful belly, and one of the phattest pussies in the business as it engorges itself on Juan Largo’s dick as he fucks this beautiful damsel with delight. All leading to a nice facial all over this beautiful woman’s face. There is nothing like a cum covered Nirvana Lust looking at you through the camera with those amazing deep marvelous eyes.

Nirvana Lust is one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s most amazing talents, and the 2018 PHAT Freshman always is on point with her action…but despite that there were some issues that left us baffled – such as – as always – the scene’s runtime is only 20 minutes…with Nirvana Lust. And, not only is Nirvana Lust one of VXXX’s (Voluptuous XXX) most energectic fuckstars, she is also one of the genre’s most talented oralists – and yet this scene does not have a single dicksucking session at all…that is blasphemous when it comes to any scene, let alone one featuring Nirvana Lust – her dicksucking is just – Awesome. Plus a few more issues such as editing, and lighting…but with all of that said.

She is still Nirvana Lust, and her sexual energy and ability will always shine through her performances – as she is just that good. And production issues aside – she delivers a good performance. And one that definitely leaves us wanting more and more of her as we always have. Check out the amazing Nirvana Lust in this latest scene, at PlumperPass.comPurchase Your Subscription and just be amazed at all this woman has to offer.

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