The #Top5 Most Incredible Mz. Hydro Walkaways…So Far!


Over the past few years, we have entered into, what we call… a #NewDonkEra…where the remarkable women who possessed the incredibly huge asses of the “past” – i.e. Cherokee D’Ass, PinkyXXX, Bootylicious, Mz. Booty, etc. – have been forever immortalized as bona fide legends of a genre & an entire business; which has led the way for new ground to be broken & the rise of a new faction asstounding women who have risen  up to the ranks of total Ass Supremacy! And one of the leaders in this new donk era, is the woman known as “The Conqueror of Asses” – The Notorious Mz. Hydro!

Now we can talk about how this woman, Mz. Hydro,  kicked the Adult/Urban/Big Butt Modeling door in “Gustapo-Style“, when she first burst onto the scene a few years ago, with a beauty of innocence & an ass that’s just so devilishly huge – and believe us we will…later, but for the purposes of this list – we will just talk about how Mz. Hydro, even when just lounging around & not particularly trying has still created some of the most viral content of almost any other woman in this #NewDonkEra. Her twerk videos, all of them, have garnered a mythical status – even when you are watching them in real-time…you (we) still just can’t believe it.

So we here at PHAT, along with the many  suggestions from YOU GUYS [PHATNation] decided to do a list. As you know we have been saying for the longest that, while the twerk is still very, very, very much needed and loved just as much now, if not more that it has ever been….the gloriousWalk-Away” is now  the true display of how grand the biggest of donks are nowadays. And with the truly beautiful Mz. Hydro also possessing arguably one of the biggest of the biggest of donks (not gonna debate that today either)…we wondered – so far – what are Mz Hydro’s top best walk-away’s ever captured.

After much, much debate – here  we have it – The #Top5 Most Incredible Mz. Hydro Walkaways…so far!!! Watch,Debate, & Enjoy – Be sure & follow the Legendary Lady Hydro on Instagram –  TheOnlyHydro_Official & Check Out Exclusive Mz. Hydro Pics/Vids at

Number 5 :  “Sundress Stuntin’ “

Number #4: “Making The Block Hot”

Number #3: “You Ain’t Ready…”

Number #2: “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself!”

Number #1: “Beast Mode Booty Without Even Trying!”