The Talented Barbie Crystal Shows Us Just How Talented She Is In Latest PlumperPass Release!


Its the return of the beautiful & radiant, Barbie Crystal – a woman who has been on the carnal radar of the masses like crazy over the past few months, and growing. So appropriate that as the love for her grows – a new release on PlumperPass drops entitled “BBWs Got Talent“, featuring Barbie Crystal showcasing the unique “talents” that have made her so sought after. After her debut on PlumperPass – she showed that she had the chops of goodness for great XXX, now in her sophomore effort – Barbie Crystal builds upon that and shows us much more – opening her sexual reperatoire as she delivers a solid & grand sexual scene.

Barbie Crystal is a contestant on America’s biggest hit show – “BBWs Got Talent” – and she auditioning to see if she is good enough for the grand stage. But she has is up against a tough Judge, as Judge Lawless is looking only for the best. And after singing audition is met with a horrible rejection from the judge, followed by a dance number that is stopped before it even starts. Barbie Crystal gives the judge a look at two of her supreme talents – those huge and pendulous breasts…the judge decides to give her another chance to show how talented she truly is.

One of Barbie Crystal’s incredible gifts to XXX is her beauty. She gives off that genuine girl-next-door look, with huge ginormous tits. And all of that plays into action very well in this scene. The Judge, played by Sean Lawless immediately takes to Barbie Crystal’s huge breasts, sucking them, playing with them, and the camera captures it all, while at the same time giving us a fabulous tour of Crystal’s flawless body.

Barbie Crystal’s talents are just getting started though – and when she takes out the dick of Lawless – she proceeds to present a proper phallus intensive sucking that is just fun to watch. Those eyes of Barbie Crystal just command your attention as she sucks down the dick eagerly. With powerful sucks on the head of the dick followed by sucks down the shaft – Barbie Crystal fully goes in on the dick, especially when she adds the complimentary power of those titties to her dicksucking #VeryNice.

When it comes to the sex though, Barbie Crystal shines brightly. With a start of some reverse cowgirl, we get to see her in full glory. And as lovely as the the sight of seeing Barbie Crystal slide her plump pussy down on the dick of Lawless, amazingly its the sound that adds so many layers to some already great fucking. The sweet sounds of Barbie Crystal’s moans and mini-screams on the dick, as well as the heavy sounds of her heavy massive tits flopping about. Those titties are so big you hear the weight of them as they bounce against her torso – add to the fact that you are actually seeing them do that and its is beautiful.

And its not just the cowgirl, its all the positions she engages her sweet pussy on the dick in. Barbie Crystal’s doggystyle is a great symphony of visual and audio because in that position, we get to see the judge go balls deep into Crystal’s sweet pussy, and we hear her moans intensify even more. We love seeing Barbie Crystal take dick deep into her loins…its just something so peaceful about it. And it verifies one thing we all here at PHAT have kind of already known….Barbie Crystal has amazing pussy. And a intense and explosive cumshot at the end confirms as well as Judge Lawless fires volley after volley of hot sperm across her face, that drenches her tits at the same time.

Barbie Crystal has entered the XXX lane is accelerating her way to the top with a fire scene in her latest from PlumperPass. She shows some nice acting chops, and delivers a very nice performance full of energy, highlights, and…she just looks amazing. Energetic fucking, sucking, its a nice scene all the way around and we want more and more and more of them. Another #MustSee, head over to, Join Up, and take a look at the a shining star in the new era of voluptuous adult entertainment – her name is Barbie Crystal.