The Sensational Veronica Bottoms To Get Double Dicked On PlumperPass


One of the things we here at PHAT love nothing more than…is more Veronica Bottoms scenes. Since her grand & heavily anticipated return Veronica Bottoms has been serving up nothing but pure fire – with some of the most dynamic performances in the business. Check her catalog since her return (…fuck, check her entire catalog period!!!)  – this woman makes intense must-see classics each and every time she steps in front of the camera. So consider us psyched as hell that Veronica Bottoms is returning to PlumperPass this FRIDAY; An this time taking on two dicks…YES TWO DICKS…at the same damn time (…at the same damn time, at the same damn time!!!)

This will be a Miss Bottoms first threesome ever for PlumperPass/Sensational Video. If memory serves us correctly the last B/B/G threesome done by Veronica Bottoms was with CJ Wright & company some years ago…and that was an epic performance that showed how intense a performer V. Bottoms is.  Fast Forward now, to a Veronica Bottoms who’s skills have obviously tripled Master status back then to….Celestial Status (…Marvel reference) now…and we can only imagine the amount of head and goodness that this scene is about to bring forth onto the world.

Tasked with taking on the challenge of manhandling all the ass and good pussy of Veronica Bottoms are the combined skills of John Strange & Sean Cali. Who have quite a challenge on their hands, or had rather. We can’t wait to see, and our most definitely looking forward to this threesome from one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s most electrifying performers of all time – The Sensational Veronica Bottoms!

Release Date has been set for May 25th, 2018 EXCLUSIVELY on – Join Up TODAY!

Here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming shoot:

EXTRA: A clip of Veronica Bottoms, and how wonderfully she excels at threesomes:



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