The Return Of The Biggest Ass In The Biz!


As the clock struck 12am on New Year’s Eve, and the world of voluptuous adult entertainment ended a year of greatness into a year great anticipation – famed big booty site (hell, mega donk site) – chose to bring in 2018 with a bang of a different type. Notorious for their excellent style of capturing absolutely nothing but the BEST & BIGGEST asses in HISTORY that belong to  the biggest superstars and legends of the new donk era – i.e. – Chyna Red, FYEBottom, Cali Kurves, & of course The One & Only, celebrated The Return of the Biggest Ass In The Business – the first day of 2018 offically marks The Return of Da’ Butt!!!

We first spoke of the Return of Da’ Butt on our PHAT Instagram when we announced months ago that Da’ Butt was back on social Media (Follow Da Butt on Instagram/Twitter@IAmDaButt )…and from that moment on our inboxes were packed with emails asking about – “Is Da’Butt Back Really Back?“, “When Is She Dropping Some New Work?“, “When Is Da’ Butt going to be dropping some new ish?!?!“. The buzz & the hype has always been real, as Da’Butt has always had, has, and to this very moment  she maintains a large & growing following. As she has had one of the biggest, arguably the biggest, debuts in both modeling & XXX.

Well apparently – unbeknowingst to all of us…Da’ Butt has been listenining and hearing the talk & the questions, and has been working secretly in the lab with 50InchesOrBetter ( & who else we wonder) to kick off 2018 hard as hell! And 50InchesOrBetter has officially kicked 2018’s doors off the hinges as they have just released their newest photo spread – The Return Of Da Butt at 12:01am – and as a result the entire internet has been buzzing with activity on this woman’s long awaited & heavily anticipated return to the cameras ALL DAY LONG!

And now, with the release of this new photoset – we are once again getting bombarded yet again with emails asking even more questions & rejoicing in this woman’s return – “Fuck Yeah She’s Back!“, “We Want More!“, “Will We See Her Do Work With Hydro/FYE Bottom/Mz. Booty/ (Insert Favorite Big Booty Star Here)“…we will say right now…as of right now we don’t know-and we are working hard to find out. But  what we do know is that 50InchesOrBetter have released an awesome spread on that is just ASS-stounding…seriously, as they always do. And we will get more information as soon as we can about what else the good folks over their have in store for us with Da’ Butt!

So GET THE FUCK OVER to, BUY THE MEMBERSHIP, And Bear witness to the Return Of One Of The Greats – Da’ Butt is Back, and she looking at these pictures, she may be coming harder than ever before!

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