The Repair Man Gets Anal With Erika Xstacy on!


The original Fuckstar is back, and better than ever – the great Erika Xstacy has returned to – and she has returned to do what she does best…and that is suck and fuck with ruthless aggression. Which is something you should expect nothing less of, as sucking and fucking with such ferociousness is a trademark that is the foundation of the career of Erika Xstacy. And it is with that same ferociousness she appears in her latest release from, entitled – “Anal Squad For Erika” to turn up in an #MustSee Fuck!

Erika Xstacy is finding herself with television issues, so…she calls out the local repair man to give her tv and dvd player a look and a fix. And upon solving the problem, the repair man goes to show Erika how to work the television and watch show, and upon showing her he unknowingly turns on a video of Erika Xstacy…sucking that good phenomenal dick! An with a look of shock (which we are certain is at the incredible skills of Erika and not the fact that she was sucking dick), The repair man discovers that his client is a porn star…and as he tries to focus on the task at hand, its clear that Erika has other things in mind – primarily that dick…

…And from their we see the energy and lust pick up immediately, as Erika Xstacy wastes no time in seducing and finally pulling out the big dick of the repair man (Johnny The Kid) and applying her special brand of dicksucking to it. And one of the things we love about Erika Xstacy is her unique ability to showcase her love what she does by looking into the camera as she orally ravishes the dick of the repair man – because she knows you, the viewer, are enjoying the show, while also going to look into the eyes of the  her co-star as she gives him exquisite sucking. And it is when you look into those eyes as she stares at him with all of that thick dick in her mouth that you re-realize – Erika Xstacy excels at sucking dick.

But what Erika Xstacy also excels at is fucking dick…and that is a lesson that Johnny is about to quickly discover when she lays back on the couch to spread that phat pussy wide and tells him to put his big dick inside her. And the moment he does is where we see some more of the greatness of Erika Xstacy, because the dick is not even fully inside of her great pussy before she is beginning to fuck the dick from the missionary position – immediately wanting all and more the repairman’s dick at the same time!

Erika Xstacy is just succubus with a never-ending hunger for dick once she has it. And that is clearly evident throughout the fucking as she wants more and more of Johnny’s young dick. And she gets exactly what she wants when she assumes her ever popular reverse cowgirl – where she gets all of the dick of Johnny exactly how she wants it. It always good stuff to see her ride dick with her own brand of gusto. And ride it she does.

And then the highlight of the scene is when Erika Xstacy demands him in her asshole before he himself can even get the words out that he wants to fuck that same very hole. And this is where Erika Xstacy goes into complete overdrive as Johnny drives that dick deep into bowels of Erika Xstacy while she screams in a rageful lust demanding more. This woman’s sexual hunger simply cannot be quenched.

Erika Xstacy simply delivers in this fuck with a lucky and delighted Johnny The Kid hanging on for the ride – she once again shows just why she is the original Fuckstar and why she is one of the genre’s top pure performers of fucking. And while the scene overall is short, coming in at just 22 minutes it is packed with great energy. It is fun to see Johnny The Kid, a great up and coming male talent try to keep pace with the great Erika Xstacy’s libido and demand for more and more and more of his dick faster and faster. But delivers a good fuck with his dick that is simply clear that Erika Xstacy loves! A nice fuck overall, and one that further cements Erika Xstacy’s legacy as one of the best in the business. Head over to, PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION,  witness the supreme fuckstar in action once again.

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