The Ramroding Of Veronica Bottoms


The Return of the Great Veronica Bottoms has been one of the crowning moments for Voluptuous Adult Entertainment in 2017 without question.  Wasting no time in picking up where she left off, Voluptuous XXX’s original Fuck Star has quickly regrasped the landscape of BBW porn & has been churning out nothing but new classic material to add on to her already time-honored catalog of XXX excellence. And her latest project, entitled “Veronica Rubs” from acclaimed studio, the good folks at, – the great Veronica Bottoms has once again delivered XXX excellence which has let to one of her most poweful fucks of the year – an absolutely exquisite ramroding to be sure !

In “Veronica Rubs”, Veronica Bottoms plays a lovely masseuse, happy & horny over the fact that her latest clientele just so happens to basketball great – Asante Stone…played by…Asante Stone. Elated and turned on to the horniest of horny, Veronica rubs, and massages, and them whips out the tig ol bitties and commences whiping out the dick of Stone. Enjoying it immensely,Veronica Bottoms blesses the dick with her patent “Bottomless Blow” head technique (…thats what the guys over at theSuxLife call it). And then…well #PHATNation…we then witness one of the most proficient poundings of this FuckStar this year so far.

This newest release from PlumperPass & Veronica Bottoms is nothing short of a high-octane fuck & suck classic. What makes it so powerful is simply the pure joy and lust at which Asante Stone greedily & viciously attacks the pussy of Bottoms mercelessily! I mean Asante is purely fucking the hell out of Veronica Bottoms with the piston-pouding power normally found in jackhammers! It is clear that the pussy of Veronica Bottoms is even more delicious than we could have ever dreamed of – this fucking of the original fuckstar is just golden.

With moans and grunts of ecstacy as Stone pummels Veronica Bottoms with dick supreme…Veronica Bottoms puts on a show of great display – feeding dick into her hungry pussy from a variety of positions including some very poweful doggystyle fucking. The ass of Veronica Bottoms is just huge and so fucking incredible! Her Doggystyle steals the show, because that shot absolutely captures all that is great with the scene – the loveliness of Bottoms, the sheer massive dimensions of that ass, and the enjoyment of Asante Stone literally ramrodding that phat pussy balls deep repeatidly with piston pounding strokes! AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN DISCUSSED THE SUCCULENT HEAD GAME YET…..

The Original Fuckstar, Veronica Bottoms, delivers a furious hardcore fuck with co-star, Asante Stone, adding another bonifide classic to the catalog. Despite having a 40 minute timeframe, the goodness of this fuck still seems too short – which is the testament to the greatness of Veronica Bottoms, & the chemistry of Bottoms & Stone together. And if this is the way  Veronica Bottoms is ending 2017, them all we have to say is we want 10x as much more of her for 2018. Outstanding fuck scene, arguanly one of her best of 2017 – head over to by a subscription, and see just why Veronica Bottoms is at the upper echelon of the “fucking game”…(you like the double entendre at the end right? Riiiiight!)

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