The Original Stallion, Ms. Marshae Returns, The World Rejoices!


There is no other area in the world where the title of “prodigy” is more exciting than in the world of voluptuous XXX. For a prodigy is someone of extraordinary ability/talents, aptitude, and/or attributes – and in this genre, we have been gifted with a great many of talented women who can be deemed prodigies in at least one of those areas – but rarely all three. And when you encounter a woman who, not only fits all three, but at the same time, that woman redefines the term, as well as reshapes an industry…it is then you realize that not only are you dealing with a prodigy, but you are also dealing with a woman who is capable of being an unprecedented force like no other; the world of voluptuous adult/xxx found that woman in beauty, skills, and abilities of the great Ms. Marshae.

Ms. Marshae – the woman with the beautiful look that captivated a whole genre, who’s extreme & supreme thickness locked that genre down, and with one of the biggest asses in the history of adult entertainment – turned this genre into her own domain to sit atop of – stunted like few ever have in this industry to become one of the most dominant forces within it. And this was in an era where some of the greatest of all time adult actresses & entertainers thrived, and yet she still rose to be amongst the creme de’ la creme of that era. Never before had we seen a woman who was in the truest meaning of the definitions of beauty & brickhouse, have so so SO MUCH ASS, and was also one of the true and elite oralists of the era….AND on top of that a dominating fuckstar who dropped nothing but #CertifiedBANGERS – all before retiring from the industry with so much left to conquer (in our opinion, and we are so not alone).

Well fans all across the world rejoiced when, not only word, but video was released – exclusively from Magic – that showcased the one and only – “Original Stallion” (her nickname at the PHAT Offices), Ms. Marshae – BACK, and thicker than ever – in a torrid & hot girl/girl scene with the hardcore fucksmith, Gotti Stud. And after a six year hiatus, Gotti Stud most definitely welcomed the Stallion back properly by expertly handling and fucking the hell out of the whole entirety of that ass. We will definitely save the particulars for our in-depth review of that scene – but the most important point for the purposes of this article is…the GREAT Ms. Marshae is BACK, and looks more amazing than ever!

Now of course, with this debut out, and is already a #CertifiedBANGER, the immediate question raised by many, many, many around the world (and we have the emails to prove it) is…”Is this the beginning of the new reign of Ms. Marshae?“. And even that is followed by many more questions – such as “When will we, or will we see her in boy/girl?“, “When is her next scene?“, “When is she doing a feature film?“, “What producers are hitting her up right now?” – all of which are valid questions…hopefully ones we will be able to get answers too.

But for now, we must just rejoice with the rest of the world – The Stallion is back, Ms. Marshae – and suddenly – all just seems right and proper in the world of Voluptuous Adult – and we are certainly ready to see what this lovely future Hall of Famer is set to bring.