The Original MegaDonk, Charmin Brown, Makes Her Return Official With A Fierce Head Scene!


A couple of months ago we reported that the legendary voluptuous adult entertainer/performer, Charmin Brown, The Prototype, (aka The 3D Booty) was prepping her long awaited & heavily anticipated return to XXX. And that was HUGE news to which longtime fans of Voluptuous XXX & true connoisseurs of donk & big booty adult entertainment rejoiced worldwide over, while anxiously awaited future updates and reports to when her first releases would be coming. Well huge news came today, as Charmin Brown, on her  Official Twitter page – @SqzablySoft – made her return to XXX official with the announcement of a fellatio scene!

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! The long-awaited dream, is now a reality, the one and only Charmin Brown, the Original MegaDonk – has finally made her return to XXX, by announcing the release of an all head scene. And for those of you who don’t know, in addition to being one of voluptuous adult XXX’s  most outstanding & dynamic veteran performers, with one of the biggest pure donks with a shelf in adult entertainment history, Charmin Brown has long been recognized for skill and reputation as an elite Grandmaster of technical dicksucking & head. Which made her following tweet that she released even more spectacular…

Charmin Brown is fucking BACK!!! And as we showed you in the last article we covered on her (Read – “The Prototype, Charmin Brown, Prepping Longtime Awaited Return!”) – she is a pure XXX dynamo, ginormous mega booty tsunami when it come fucking, with a cowgirl fuck style that is literally legendary and one of the most beautiful sights in all voluptuous XXX. And to top all of that off, Charmin Brown is armed with a lethal succulent head game is undefeated as it has caused nearly all dicks to succumb to its immaculance as the men who own them have no choice but to release their souls to her by the gallons – as this grand return head scene clearly shows even more proof of!

We could go on and on, as all of our our incredibly excited and pumped about Charmin Brown’s incredible return head scene which is pure fire. It is a must-see, and it serves as a true appetizer to the havoc she is prepping to release once again onto the industry. And in this day in age where new donkey booties are reigning supreme – Charmin Brown is back to show them nothing beats the original!

To purchase Charmin Brown’s BJ scene – Follow Charmin Brown on Twitter – @SqzablySoft, or on Instagram – @sqz4u & DM a request to purchase!

Check Out This Extended Trailer of Charmin Brown’s New Scene that she blessed us with:

….and just out of sheer respect for this woman, her Hall of Fame talents and her owning one of the greatest asses in adult entertainment history……allow us to reintroduce you to Charmin Brown so you can bear witness to what she is about to, once again, bring onto the industry –

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