The Original Black BBW/SSBBW Actress -The Original OG – Bad Mama Jama


The name has been associated with black voluptuous adult entertainment for the longest, as well as black entertainment culture. But very few know about the ORIGINAL original “Bad Mama Jama“, who was the first to break, shatter, & destroy the concept of what porn & porn actresses, at that time, were considered –  the standard of what an adult/XXX actress looks like. We all know – or should know – the many spin-offs that held the name “Bad Mama Jama” – such as the Voluptuous Adult Classic – “Bad Mama Jama & The Fat Ladies of the Evening” starring legendary & Hall Of FamerMiss Twin Towers as “Bad Mama Jama“, as well as the return to the series with Afro-Centric’s “Bad Mama Jama Returns” featuring bbw starlet Kandee Loupes – but very few know of the true & original Bad Mama Jama!

In the mid to late 70s, Bad Mama Jama made her debut in adult erotica – with a string of classic XXX features that introduced the world to the skill and XXX ability that bbws/ssbbws could bring to the world of porn. Predating fellow Black BBW/SSBBW legendary XXX pioneers in the world of adult entertainment, such as the great Twin Towers & the marvelous Hall of Famer & pioneer, Cajun QueenBad Mama Jama’s work and contributions – while considered a extreme niche & fetish back in those days – would prove that an industry dominated by a majority white, and even more majority slender female work force, could have no choice but to take a backseat to the awe and amazing performances of a BBW/SSBBW, as wells as one of African American descent.

And a novelty to those at the time – Bad Mama Jama was a dynamic performer. With the ability to fuck hard with the biggest dicks of her day. And perhaps was the first BBW ever to show that when it came to fellatio – very few would hold a candle to the skill of her ability to succulently fellatiate a dick with supreme skill (we are willing to bet she may have even been the first black voluptuous adult superhead!).

While her filmography very limited compared to Black BBW/SSBBW stars that would follow her – The Original Bad Mama Jama would put together an awesome collection of several scenes. She would also go on to work with & help put on man of early black porn’s leading male talents with her work with legendary black XXX Actors – Steven Harper & Tony El-Lay – which would serve as the spark that would gradually shift the culture acknowledge the potential & success that black bbws & ssbbws could bring to not only the genre – but the success they could & eventually would bring to adult entertainment in it entirety.

So on this day in February – PHAT Magazine salutes – The 1st Black BBW/SSBBW  Actress – The Original Bad Mama Jama.

The Original Bad Mama Jama with Legendary Woodsman, Steven Harper –