The Magnificent, MacchiatoBBW Makes Torrid Return On

If the landscape of Adult/XXX is a battlefield, then without a doubt the career, the performances, and moves of The Magnificent Macchiato BBW would make her one of voluptuous XXX’s fiercest warriors, generals, & strategists ever. Fans of voluptuous XXX the world over remember exactly where they were when the great Macchiato made her debut on – and with her unique styles and techniques of head supremacy, her ability to satisfy, handle, and hang with the meanest of the meanest dicks, and just one of the most softest and biggest asses period, she quickly, damn near instantly, became one of the leading powerhouses in voluptuous XXX. And after taking some needed time off from conquering a genre – Macchiato Is Back, and Better Than Ever…And Back On!

That’s right, The Magnificent Macchiato has made her triumphant, highly and long-anticipated return and made it in a grand and fucking FIRE fashion buy linking up with for a torrid 3some scene featuring Majik Montana & Bones Montana – and citizens of PHATNation it is fucking fire!

And that fact is immediately made from the moment the scene begins – Macchiato, as any Macchiato fan knows, is all about the action. Putting lips and pussy to dick as ruthlessly and masterfully as possible – that could very well be the slogan for her ability destroy dicks. And after a few brief words and comments, a “giddy” Macchiato is more than ready to get started. And that’s when the team of Majik Montana and Bones Montana enter the picture – and immediately Macchiato gets started applying multiple styles and techniques of oralism. And she just takes turns inhaling, swallowing, damnit fucking eating the dicks of these men so rawly, so savagely, so…so…Macchiato! Its just fucking beautiful.

But the beauty only increases and increases tenfold, as Majik & Bones Montana take turns just beating up the pussy of Macchiato mercilessly, while keeping her throat deeply stuffed with dick. With such savage fucking that would make the average star tap out &/or succumb to the will of these dicks, Macchiato is of a different level, a different caliber, and not only does she take the dicks of Bones & Majik she throws the pussy back at them, and doesn’t let her mouth get fucked…no, no, no, she eats the dick from all angles and positions while destroying back the dicks stuffing her pussy.

Macchiato gets put through a number of positions and all of them she excels with the legendary Macchiato Effect – which is when her huge ass just engulfs the dick as it stuffs the pussy, creating great ecstasy which is clearly shown on the faces of both Majik Montana & Bones Montana who go from fucking the pussy of Macchiato hard, to going crazy in that pussy. The visuals are just amazing, showing how beautiful this woman is, and how masterful her sex game conquers. One of our favorite sequences in this BANGER is her missionary, where these gentlemen assume angles on her pussy and at her mouth and just stuff both ends this woman full of dick. Seeing those huge huge titties bounce all over, while her pussy getting pounded out as she sucks dick deep down her throat with the expert skills of a chess grandmaster – its just a testament to the greatness that this woman is. And geez, the cowgirl – the ass of Macchiato is legendary already. the way she throws it on the dicks of these gentlemen…it truly has to be seen to be believed.

Macchiato has returned and she has returned the same way she debuted – with a classic masterful scene that raised the bar and intensity level for the genre as a whole. This scene is a pure classic – with great capture caught by the camera – and tag team ability of Bones and Majik Montana on a high 10. These gentlemen do a supreme job putting in serious work on the pussy and throat of Macchiato, and she handles it all like a G and puts her on work on these gentlemen as she takes their souls all over. As you can tell, it goes without saying that this scene is an absolute #MustSee, and absolute #CLASSIC and a fucking absolute & #CertifiedBanger. You must head over to, purchase a membership and witness the essence of what true intense hardcore XXX is through one of the games best warriors on the dick….The Great Macchiato. The game needs more of her, and more of this hardcore action. We are already ready for the next. Check this shit out – you owe it to yourself.

Macchiato Brings All Flames In Return!!!

7.9 FIRE

Macchiato's Return on is just pure hardcore goodness. Where as some actresses show a little "rust" when they return, Macchiato shows she is just as apt to go beastmode on the dick as she was in her debut. And she delivers flawlessly here. The production values are solid with great lighting and excellent captures of the angles. Bones Montana and Majik Montana give great performances each holding their own and deliver quality dick at Monster levels - which is what is needed when handling ass and skills that Macchiato brings. A Fire Performance and Classic scene from

  • HEAT 8.5
  • ACTION 9
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