The Legendary Sapphire Teams Up With The Kaboom!!!


Great Moments in Voluptuous XXX often come at the creation of fantastic pairings. When legends meet with the next generation stars, and vice versa. Those moments go down as must-see segments of porn history, ones where the fans, along with the stars themselves often remember them even years down the line. And who else – but the good folks over at, should come together to give us a classic moment in phat XXX erotica, by bringing together one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s Hall of Fame performer, the legendary Sapphire, to co-star along side one of the genre’s great starlets, the orgasmic Kimmie bring us a big titty bonanza of a XXX scene that will definitely be remembered.

The meeting of these two jumbo breasted superstars come to us by way of PlumperPass’s latest release entitled, “Sexy Big Bang”.  As Sapphire & Kimmie Kaboom team up to bring one of the years greatest ensembles of big…no scratch that ginormous titty play and adoration…all while delivering a solid and visually stunning hardcore threeway with lucky bastard, Brad Hart!

A stellar scene of with so much inside – great hardcore action, and gigantic titties a plenty…but what stands out most of all in this scene is its grandiose delivery of raw sensual carnality with a fun overtone. Its the chemistry delivered between these two Tit-tanic titans, wrapped in the great threesome action that seals this scene in, and makes the viewer a slave to all its energy and its action.

Again the chemistry between Kimmie Kaboom is so obvious that, its known from the very start of the scene that this is simply going to be a joy to watch. The awe and love that both of these ladies show each other is enough to cause a premature ejaculation epidemic world wide…just by watching the love these ladies show to the breasts of the other. Dramatic intense breast play at its finest…and then you have the hardcore action, watching Kimmie Kaboom and the great Sapphire take turns sucking thick dick…it just seems so “yes”, along with being so right. Each other looking on as the other takes in as much dick into her mouth as she can…its just great to watch.

And then we get to the dicking down of these ladies. It is clear that Brad Hart is indeed a lucky bastard and we all here at the offices are indeed jealous of him…as he does his damndest in dicking down these two delicious double (x12) dreams. The long dicking of Kimmie Kaboom while watching those giant titties bounce back and forth, as she gives her approval of the dick with her moans. Sapphire’s long groans of pleasure as he just relentlessly stuffs the pussy as her glorious tits continue to mystify minds. Its is just great stuff that – again – will be a moment to remember in voluptuous XXX history.

Sapphire & Kimmie Kaboom come together and give an amazing performance. We are all so psyched still at the fact that the Great Sapphire is back, then to pair her up with Kimmie Kaboom…just excellent casting. The chemistry between these women along with the sexual energy the bring, AND Brad Hart who fucks them vigorously like we all wish we could…just grade classic XXX entertainment. Head over to, PURCHASE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION today, and just enjoy!

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