“The Insatiable” Lyla Everwett Shows Real Love To Black Dick


We told you so, and once we did…we told you again. And over the last decade, just about, we have been telling you that Lyla Everwett is a true MBD (Master In Black Dicks) – with a certification of years of experience through impressive fucks & wizardrous sucks. But you did not need our verification for proof – all one had to do is look at her huge catalog of works, especially her last one, on PlumperPass.com where she put on quite the hell of a performance gobbling up both orally & “pussy-ily” the dick of Jonathan in her “BBW Escort“. So it was without a doubt that an encore fucking was of the highest order – and the good folks over at PlumperPass.com have delivered another hardcore PHAT #CertifiedBanger that more than precisely showcases Lyla Everwett’s love for black dick once again in her latest release entitled – “Wet Pussy For Camera Guy“.

What’s the point of a plot when you have a woman the magnitude of Lyla Everwett? – she is truly one of the most magnificently true fucksluts in XXX history – and perhaps one of the top 10 greatest  BBC fucksluts of all-time. This woman is specifically built & engineered for sex, with a vast knowledge of sucking and fucking the life out of dicks in attempts to fill her insatiable appetite for dick. Gorgeous jumbo tits, fat juicy pussy, big belly, and a stack of ass, to go along with her natural ever-elevating lust & academic gift for masterfully sucking dick ( as we have said, she is one of the greatest technical oralists of our era) – its only right that this scene starts of showcasing all of those things with a full 10 minute tour of all of those curves.

But once that long tour of her perfect body is finished, we get treated to a short 5 minute micro-interview, before the camera man has to sample out the woman that is Lyla Everwett…or more appropriately, Lyla Everwett needs black dick and she needs it now – she is “the Insatiable” after all. And once the dick of the “camera guy” is released, Lyla Everwett immediately begins her favorite past time, hobby, 1st love, true gift – sucking the hell out the black dick. The true love of sucking dick shows all through her oral session here. You can see her passion and love for the sucking of dick as she unveils her artistry upon it.

But as much as true Lyla Everwett fans know that she loves thick black dick in her mouth – we also know that what she loves just a bit more – is thick black dick constantly fucking and fucking the hell out of her fat pussy through any and all positions possible. And with one of the most underrated stack donks in the business being showcased after her oral session, its clear that the camera guy wants that pussy doggystyle – and take it that way. Immediately thrusting poundage upon poundage of hard dick balls deep inside the good pussy of Lyla. The camera work captures that big fat & phat lusciously thick ass being spread so nicely exposing delicious asshole as dick gets stuffed deep into her pussy with nothing but love for it all by Lyla Everwett.

One of the highlights of the entire scene is Lyla Everwett’s cowgirl. Despite being a 1st Ballot, Hall of Famer, an Oral Genius in the Art of Dicksucking, & having one of the longest careers in voluptuous XXX & a Certified OG of the game – Lyla Everwett is still one of the most underrated talents in the game…but her cowgirl action that she displays makes that fact simply incomprehensible!  First, of all, the tits (and ass) – of Lyla Everwett…in a genre where we are seeing the biggest of the biggest titties in the world being displayed in this current Big Titty Renaissance – its easy to forget just how huge, beautiful and suckable Lyla Everwett’s titties are. But that is what we are reminded of in her cowgirl – as she stays upright on the dick bouncing and grinding over and over again on the dick of the camera guy. Which means she is consistently taking the full dimensions of the dick deep in depths of that phat pussy, while those titties just stay fucking huge all throughout. And this continues in even more raw savage vigor when she goes missionary & the camera guy goes all out on that good phat pussy, while Lyla loves it all, and the huge big and long titties are all over the place as she gets fucked good and proper!

We love this scene because we love Lyla Everwett, and this latest scene from her makes you lover her as well. Her insatiable love for dick, black dick in particular is shown brilliantly all throughout. Her technical dicksucking knowledge is still top notch, and she just looks amazing getting fucked with so much ass, all those titties, and still having that cute innocent look, that you know is nothing more than a decoy to hide the true delicious savagery she brings out of the dicks. She gets fucked and fucked hard which is her special trait that Lyla Everwett brings out of her co-stars. This scene is an absolute #MustSee from PlumperPass – one that you should join up now to go see – as “The Insatiable” Lyla Everwett once again does not disappoint and lives up to her new nickname that we are bestowing upon her “The Insatiable”. Its fucking Lyla Everwett – nuff said.

Lyla Loves Black Dick

7.7 Awesome

Another great performance from true fuckslut, Lyla Everwett as she showcase love and skill for black dick in this latest release. Production values were all solid, which is not easily done with POV. Heat was top notch as Lyla screams sex from beginning to end. Tons of deep hard pounding and sex, preluded by great dicksucking from one of the games best technical oralists. A 38 minute runtime - instead of a 10 minute tour of Lyla, we would have rather that be cut in half, with 5 more minutes of Lyla enjoying dick. But all in all another great Lyla scene as she is going a tear within the genre as of late.

  • HEAT 8
  • ACTION 8.5
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 9.6