The Illustrious Cotton Candi Breaks Into Modeling With A Bang On PlumperPass


Nothing soothes the soul of the masses of fans worldwide of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment than the release of a new scene from the now #CertifiedOG & always Owner of the Biggest Tits In The History of Voluptuous XXX, the legendary Cotton Candi. We love Cotton Candi…I mean if you are true fan of voluptuous XXX, and for that matter XXX in general how can you not? For going on a decade she has shattered the expectations, along with the proverbial glass ceiling of what the power of voluptuous XXX is really about, along with establishing herself as one of the first true modern voluptuous XXX superstars in the game. And yes…she has effectively positioned herself in our “Mount Rushmore” of Greatest Voluptuous XXX Entertainers of All-TIme”. And she has done all those things and more, primarily for the magic she brings in every scene she appears in, and especially her latest scene from, entitled “The Photo Pervert“…where she once again captures the show by delivering a hard hardcore performance, while still giving us the biggest titties to ever grace the XXX screen.

In this release, Cotton Candi is an aspiring but very new and impressionable model, answering an ad for “extreme photoshoots” by a soon-to-be lucky photographer, played by John Long. After some brief shots, Cotton Candi begins to settle in, or at least tries to, yet the photographer constantly fixing her dress seems to catch her off guard, especially since all the adjustments happen to be  where her ginormous breasts are. But after the photographer convincing her that its all done just to give her the best shots possible, she gives her trust to the professional. who quickly talks her out of her dress to reveal a lovely black see-through top that evilly reveals just enough of those magnanimous mammaries, and then positions her to the bed where he eventually rubs and fixes her breasts and nipples to wear she overtaken by lust as well as trust in the photographers experience…and from there and elite showcasing XXX action takes place.

Cotton Candi simply shines in this latest scene. Her beauty simply glows with vibrance thanks to the grand lighting and her naturally milk chocolate complexion. But its also her acting, that just helps build the lust in your loins as she interacts with the photographer and “naively” complies with his naughty intentions. Cotton Candi is simply one of the best, if not the very best when it comes to pure acting. Her facial expressions, the little cues she does with her body, all play into the scene bringing you into it completely. Also, there is just something about that long dress that she wears that just drives us crazy. Knowing that dress is trying to conceal the sheer magnificence of those titties, but trying in futility just does something to us.

But, no matter how many times we have seen those mighty giant titties of Cotton Candi, everytime is still like the absolute first time – because everytime we see them they look as if they have grown even more. And when John finally reveals those breasts, you just cannot help but get turned on. The capturing of those magnificent titties of Cotton Candi is paramount, and this scene does a grand job of making those titties the focal point of the entire scene. Especially with some very nice titty sucking, and titty fucking by John.

And speaking of sucking and fucking, Cotton Candi delivers on both, and especially in the dicksucking. Where we see, Cotton Candi deliver her dicksucking with a complete mastery, skill, and love that is completely her own. Her style has always been deemed as “unorthodox”, by the casual fan of oralism, but it has always been effective. And she blesses John with her very particular technique that, honestly made dicks hard as fuck here at PHAT.

And after her short, but well done dicksucking was done…the director wisely allowed for more ginormous titty appreciation before Cotton Candi was laid on her back on the bed, and fucked long dick style by John. Of course one of the many greatest sights in voluptuous XXX with Cotton Candi is when she is fucked missionary and those leviathan titties are allover the damn place and we mean literally. Those things are just so fucking FUCKING GIANT! And we soon see how truly giant they are when the position goes to a bed edge cowgirl, which has Cotton Candi, bouncing on all of that dick while standing up. And those huge titties seem to defy time and space with the way they sway and bounce.

And for all those who though that Cotton Candi was all titty…you are right, but, make no mistake, Cotton Candi has that pure beef donk, which she gladly showcases in action as she bends over in the cowgirl and twerks on the dick of John, and then she goes into doggystle where she has hold open all of that big ol’ ass as John Long dives and goes deep inside her good pussy like he is supposed too. The fucking is just off the fucking chain, and Cotton Candi’s moans, lust, love, and sheer skill send it over the edge in such a grand way. Making this scene a true #CertifiedBanger, and notching another great scene in Cotton Candi’s expansive catalog.

Cotton Candi is a, and a good case could be made for being arguably THE, GOAT in Voluptuous XXX. This scene shows party of why that is, as she showcases how her skills and abilities continue to evolve and become better and better with every performance. Cotton Candi shows great acting, and great fucking in this scene – that is an absolute #MUST-SEE. The chemistry is great, highlights are many, the action is very nice. We have said it before, and we will say it again…it seems as Cotton Candi is on the beginning of making a new storm in 2020. Almost as if she has caught her 2nd wind and is about to bring the noise for the new year. If that is true than this scene will serve as a great appetizer to the main course we are about to see in 2020. At least we hope that that is the case. Head over to and JOIN UP to see the Voluptuous XXX Grandmaster do what she does best. We Love You Cotton Candi. Damn Sure can’t wait til the next one.


Cotton Candi Delivers Very Nicely...And Still Has XXX's Biggest Titties!


PlumperPass once again makes the great decision and brings back Cotton Candi in an incredible exhibition of big tits and good sex in this latest scene. Cotton Candi is a legend, and she performs great. Very good dicksucking, and great sex, with a highly being her cowgirl. John Long does a nice job of delivering a quality fuck to the Hall of Famer. The titties of Cotton Candi always will get a perfect score with us. Production values, are solid, yet seemed to fail a little bit towards the end where we noticed some editing mistakes with shake value, a longer than expected wait time for the pop shot. But, the photoset of this scene is perhaps one of the best on PlumperPass. Kudos to the photographer. But overall this is a great scene by one of the few true legends in this genre and industry. A #GREAT Scene and a #MUST-SEE

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