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Its Sofia Rose…I mean really that is all that needs to be said. The drop dead gorgeous voluptuous XXX Legend & Bonifide SUPERSTAR, who has successfully combined glamour & hardcore XXX action, is back once again to add another #CertifiedBanger to her collection of many. And this time she is back with the good folks over at for a hellified fuck session & scene entitled, “Sofia’s Young Fuck“, co-starring a guy we are officially calling the luckiest bastard on earth as of late, Johnny The Kid. And these two deliver an amazing performance that is absolutely worthy to be considered as one of Sofia Rose’s many, MANY classics XXX performances.

Searching for his video game console, we find Johnny in his step-mother, Sofia Rose’s, room. Looking everywhere for it he suddenly hears her on the phone. Trapped and not wanting to get caught he hides as he listens in on Sofia Rose talking to one of her friends about the joys and pure goodness of young dick. And lusting about how they can fuck for hours and hours on end. A perplexed Johnny listens in disbelief as his beautiful, superbusty, and so fucking thick step-mother is openly admitting to cheating on his father, and can’t stand it any longer – and surprises and confronts his stepmother about her infidelities & threatens to tell. But not refusing to back down, Sofia Rose in her special way, makes him an offer he can’t (nor can any man) refuse, by offering to not only give him his game console, but also all of her phat ass, titties, and good pussy in exchange for his silence, and his dick….and this is where the magic begins.

First things first, we must say that Sofia Rose is so fucking goregous. And it exudes so fantastically on camera. But its her uncanny ability to instantly bring the lust that just draws you to her, not to mention those huge giant breasts of hers that are tightly imprisoned in her garments. With such delicious delicacies of pleasure, Johnny The Kid can not help but give in…and when we see Sofia Rose unveil Johnny’s dick, and starts to suck it so richly and passionately while looking into the camera and telling Johnny that her favorite thing is “Young, Fat, Hard Cock“…its safe to say that Sofia Rose’s secret will kept for all of time.

Sofia Rose’s expertly refined art of sucking dick is talent we have marveled at for years here at PHAT, and she puts those skills to good work on the fat dick of Johnny – getting it hard in an instant as she continously salivates over it. But not Sofia Rose blowjob is complete, without those magnificent and beautiful breasts being released, and after an appropriate titty sucking and worship moment, Sofia Rose is on her knees and back on the dick of Johnny – sucking so passionately.

And of course such a passionate and skilled sucking from a savagely beautiful woman such as Sofia Rose demands a good fucking of her phenomenal pussy and Johnny provides just the fucking Sofia Rose demands, requires, and need as he goes jackhammer mode in Sofia Rose’s sweet pussy from behind, while marveling in wonder and lust at all of that giant ass as his dick slides in and out. This fucking is XXX gold, as there is just something about Sofia Rose that makes all of her co-stars fuck the shit out of her, and Johnny The Kid is follows that same suit – just fucking the shit out of Sofia Rose’s pussy.

And the cowgirl is even better, its always so nice and so right to see Sofia Rose pussy balls deep on dick, while her ginormous pendulous breast just envelope your entire face. A highlight of the scene, one of many is just watching Johnny stuff as much of Sofia Rose’s mighty titty in his mouth, while grabbing two huge handfuls of that ass and just rabbit fucking the hell out of her. And Sofia Rose is absolutely loving it as well. Hearing her cries and screams of pleasure is just XXX gold. And lets just be clear, Sofia Rose knows how to ride dick, and she just may be one of the greatest dickriders in the business right now. But when she goes reverse cowgirl showing off all of that tremendous ass while she rides that dick….you just truly then understand that Sofia Rose was meant to excel in this business. For it is simply amazing to watch all that ass in motion as she fucks the shit out of good dick.

Even the missionary position is so fucking excellent – Johnny is fucking the hell out of Sofia Rose, with long deep strokes that she is loving every bit of. Just seeing this woman’s gorgeous face, those massive titties, and that plump phat pussy that looks just so so perfect with her bush of hair on it – Sofia Rose is just what the genre has needed…the fucking is just so intense – that it leads to just an abudance of cum all across her face that is well deserved from the intense sexual energy that this woman has brought all throughout the scene!

Sofia Rose is the leading Lady of Voluptuous XXX and if the many many classic performances that she has done already do not prove that, then this one certainly will. And what’s amazing enough is that she was not even in full lust mode, and it is still a #CertifiedBanger!  Great action, great energy, great visuals from one of the greatest voluptuous xxx actresses of our time. Johnny The Kid delivers a great performance with Sofia Rose and the two just make an outstanding scene. While the scene seems a little short, (or maybe we are just greed), the action in it more than makes up for it as it is non-stop and balls to the wall. It is a bonifide #MustSee – head over to, Join Up as this is one of the best scenes of the Winter. And no one heats up the Winter in XXX like Sofia Rose. She brings a true classic for the holidays. We just can not wait to see what she will bring in 2019!