The Great Lexxxi Luxe Returns To Fuck & Fuck Hard!


The wait between the XXX scenes the one and only Lexxxi Luxe, one of voluptuous adult entertainment’s most hallowed actresses ever, is always a wait of great angst and anticipation. Afterall making incredible xxx classics and fuckfests has been a staple of Lexxxi Luxe’s legacy, having starred in some of the this genre’s most popular and viewed scenes of all-time, and even as she approaches the lifetime mark of a decade in this industry – she has always & consistently brought and represented the best and brightest in the game. Which is why fans worldwide rejoiced at her latest release, from the good folks over at, entitled “Shower Deluxe“, starring Juan Largo. These two come together again to bring what we all love from Lexxxi Luxe, and that is incredible genuine fucking, and of course arguably the biggest & most legendary titties that we all know and love.

Beginning with a nod to its title, we see the camera maneuvering to give us our first look at a beautiful Lexxxi Luxe in the shower with a look of pure sultry and sex, just before moving down to let us bear witness to two of the most iconic & biggest breasts in the history of voluptuous XXX. From here we get six plus minute homage & tribute to these magnificent mammary glands as Lexxxi Luxe rubs, washes, soaps, and suds these enormous glands. She shakes them, displays them so effortlessly that you almost forget that these are some of the biggest and heaviest titties in the world.

But once the titty tribute concludes we see Lexxxi, sitting on a bed in a nice pinkish red sheer lingerie – all fresh, so clean, so soft – enticing her “man” Juan with just her curves alone while taking pics for the Gram. Juan Largo simply cannot contain himself – and gets the social media focused Lexxxi in the mood for his dick with some kisses and worshipping of those grand breasts…and from here great action ensues.

Lexxxi Luxe stands up to present her leviathan sized breasts to Juan for proper worship. And Juan proceeds to worship them excellently. Handling them, sucking them, ravaging them, Juan knows his place when it comes to Lexxxi’s magnanimous tits – and thats on his knees sucking them passionately, making sure to show attention to her amazing belly and ass as well. And as we all know, Lexxxi Luxe is a just woman – and with proper worship of her ginormous titties through nice sucking, Lexxxi Luxe blesses the dick of Juan Largo with the same.

Lexxxi Luxe delivers a top notch sucking of dick to Juan Largo, repeatedly stuffing her mouth with thick dick, while seemingly falling into a trance of sucking, sucking, and more sucking. There is, and was, always something hypnotic about watching Lexxxi Luxe suck thick dick; especially when she brings two of the biggest titties in porn history together to wrap the dick in.

But when you have a woman the caliber and greatness of Lexxxi Luxe, the huge tits and sucking are amazing, but a woman like this must be fucked and fuck hard. And Juan Largo positions Lexxxi Luxe’s ass in doggystyle – and gives her just that – a good fucking with full strokes from behind, with Lexxxi Luxe deep in enjoyment of each stroke. Juan Largo simply goes beserk with the doggystyle in Lexxxi Luxe’s pussy with every stroke balls deep. But nothing defines the greatness of Lexxxi Luxe than her infamous taking of dick through her beautiful delivery of cowgirl. And Juan assumes the flat position, and we get to witness Lexxxi mount, and go into a wild lust on his dick as she just throws and slams her pussy on the dick of Juan over and over and over again. Lexxxi Luxe rides dick hard as fuck, moving the entire bed, and bouncing and grinding on the dick so hard, you can hear her giants tits slapping her belly.

We say all of that to say that – this scene delivers and delivers hard as it brings one of Lexxxi Luxe’s most true horny-as-hell fucks to the screen that we have not seen in some time. Lots of positions are displayed, including a very intense angled missionary that shows Juan Largo going crazy and deep into her pussy while playing with and sucking those massive tits. This scene shows that while the voluptuous XXX game is growing and thriving, with a new generation of talent doing great works – make no mistake Lexxxi Luxe is still the truth, and one of the biggest names in the history of the genre. This scene gives great sex – and once again continues Lexxxi Luxe’s seemingly infinite catalog of classic greatness.  We do not know how long till we get the next scene – but what we do know is that Lexxxi Luxe in this scene is pure fire! Head over to, join up and witness Voluptuous XXX’s Matriarch go in and go in hard!