The Great Erin Green Takes On Massive Dick In PlumperPass Return!


The title of one of the most beloved & favorite women in all of the voluptuous XXX landscape, SSBBW XXX Landscape in particular, falls to the lovely & beautiful, Erin Green. With one of the most purely massive asses in the world, and a beautiful face of innocence, Erin Green is a sexual blend of girl-next-door meets sweet savage lust all in a complete package of supreme ass and thighs, along with an aura that just attracts your eyes to this woman. And after a long break, she has made her return to PlumperPass to take on the massive dick of Jovan Jordan in her latest scene titled, “Flirting On Fremont”.

Erin Green is beautiful, and that big voluptuous body is just tremendous to look at. And in this latest scene, Erin Green and those delightful massive curves of hers are ready for a night out on the strip with her girls, only to discover that there flight was canceled. But Erin Green is more than up to still have a great night of her own, and after hitting the local bar – she comes across Jovan Jordan, who of course can not pass up the supreme bbw goodness of Erin Green. And after some brief conversation, Erin decides that she and Jovan should take things back up to her room where the acoustics are a bit better…and more importantly, where she can take advantage better.

Again, Erin Green is so beautiful, and we love how the beginning of the scene does a great job in showing off all of the sexy bbw body of Erin, as it just looks so stunning in her tight blue dress, that shows off one of porn’s most massive asses! But Erin Green is ready to be out of that dress as soon as her and Jovan get in the room. And man, there is nothing like viewing the scrumptious beauty of Erin Green naked.  Those pretty breasts, sexy belly, and those extreme hams, all serving as a delicious appetizer for all of that ass! And Jovan Jordan eagerly ravishes the entree in front of him, while simultaneously being in awe. Sucking those big full titties of Erin Green, we see the lust building instantly within her. And after Jovan Jordan reveals one of porn’s most massive & fattest dicks in its history…unlike many others women who would be in sheer awe of it, Erin Green just smiles and attacks it by stretching her lips to its limits and sucking with great gusto the head of that dick. Erin Green’s fearlessness of the size of dick thats in her mouth, as she just sucks and sucks in futility of knowing she will never be able to swallow it, but its not about swallowing it, its about just loving sucking it – its…its just another one of the things that makes Erin Green a fan favorite in this business.

And while Erin Green (and hardly anyone else either) cannot quite conquer the dick of Jovan Jordan orally…that pussy is another story. And when we see Erin Green bend that massive ass over and take one of the thickest dicks in porn history deep in her pussy – that’s when girl-next-door transforms in to the lust nymph. Erin Green takes Jovan’s dick balls deep in her pussy, and just to listen to the pure joy and animalistic lust she serenades the scene with – Erin Green loves Jovan Jordan’s dick! And it intensifies even more when she rides the big dick of Jovan, and we get to see that excellent trademark shot of the mighty MIGHTY ASS of Erin Green bouncing on dick. Truly Splendid!!!

Erin Green makes her grand return to PlumperPass and delivers a nice, albeit short scene at twenty minutes. But, it is a pretty intense scene, and it highlights the lust and love for dick that Erin Green has made a trademark of bringing to every scene she has been it. Even at the end of this scene it looked like Erin was still even hungrier for more and more dick. And it is that which makes us always hungrier for more and more Erin. Check out the supersexy Erin Green at PlumperPass.comJOIN UP – and witness one of the industry’s finest XXX actresses in the business.

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