The Brooklyn Python, Damaris Rivera Announces Retirement


The biz is in shock, as news has been circulating, and is now finally confirmed…that Diabolical Oralist & one of XXX’s most popular fuckstars – The Brooklyn Python, Damaris Rivera – has announced her retirement in the business of XXX.

Rumors had been spreading for the past few weeks that a retirement from XXX was imminent for the NYC Fuckstar Supreme/Master Suckstress. But with no official word given on social media fans worldwide speculated such talk as “just rumor”. Until on Damaris Rivera’s official Instagram – @urfavephatgirl – revealed the dreaded word fans from all over did not want to see:

…that’s right. The dreaded word retired – and with that word, the end of the Damaris Rivera dynasty has officially come to a close. A dynasty that produced some of the greatest dicksucking action this era has ever seen, and some of the most off the wall, hardcore fucking to go with it.

Damaris Rivera’s departure from the world of XXX is sudden, and very heartbreaking to not only us here at PHAT, but her fans around the world. She has without a doubt helped lead the world of voluptuous XXX on the underground/amateur scene, and most definitely on the oralism scene, into a new era. What will that era look like now with her retirement…only time will tell. But one thing is for certain…it will not be quite the same ever again.

And while we are hoping that this retirement is temporary, as opposed to permanent, because we here at PHAT all feel, and know for a fact that she has SOOOOOOO MUCH LEFT that would transform this industry…we wish her the best in her future endeavors. #Respect to one of the greatest oralists & fuckstars of our era – Damaris Rivera.

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