The Almighty DippdNRedd Goes Savage Raw On The Dick On


You have those “perform”, as in engage in the act of sex and make it look good for the camera. And you have those who “fuck”, as in going hard on the dick for their enjoyment and to make it look good for the camera…then you have those of a different caliber…that go into what we call “Beast Mode, aka Savage” – as in they say fuck the cameras and they fuck purely for the love of the dick, the want of that nut, and the craving of good hard dick in their mouth and pussy. DippdNRedd has emerged one of the industry’s elite fuckstar savages in the industry. Going 0 to 100 on dick with an all out assault from her head, pussy, and big ass titties combined. And in her newest release from the studios of – she excels her savage beast mode in the most rawest of ways as she links up with YB for an ultimate fuckfest of epic savagery!

Yes, “epic savagery” is the phrase of the day. As in DippdNRedd’s savagery on the dick is so epic in this latest BBWHighway creation. The plot is rather simple, Dippd is sunbathing and decides those ginormous titties should be topless while she does it. A sentiment we all share everytime we see this woman. But of course anytime those titties are out someone is bound to take notice…and that someone in this case is woodsman, YB, who is stunned and loving the show. And always one to be proud of them massive titties DippdNRedd puts on a show, which includes putting dem thangs on the fucking glass oiled up. And damnit if there isn’t a more fucking beautiful site then seeing the biggest, most perfect dark chocolate areolas in history on the glass. And of course all and all – that leads to one of the most incredible fucks of the year from Dippd (and trust their are plenty of them).

Again “epic savagery” is the term to remember here. And let us also say that there is nothing like a woman with big ass titties walking towards you with her shirt, not off, but pulled up getting ready to suck your dick. Its like that feeling  you get when you are just about to bust one…or so we have heard. But for YB, its even more than that, its the knowledge that he is about to receive a dicksucking of epic savagery from one of the most rawest oralists in Voluptuous XXX. And damnit if that ain’t Dippd, and Damnit if she doesn’t suck the melanin off of the dick of YB. Dippd just puts the dick of YB through a series skill fuck sucks and pulls, with no regards or cares for how big it is…the only concern she has  is destroying that dick orally which she does all while keeping those fucking huge tits out, and keeping that dick wet from supreme lubrication her mouth is generating as her throat and tongue makes its artistic rounds across the dimensions of YB’s dick! And damnit those titties out while she is doing it just turns up the “turnt up” even more!

But if there is one thing Dippd goes crazy over just as much as, if not more, than sucking big dick, that’s receiving big dick…Dippd gets her phat pussy stuffed fully as she receives YB, who wastes no time in going balls deep in that good pussy. And we have said this before – a good dicksucking will most definitely lead to a pussy beatdown. And just as Dippd sucked YB’s dick savagely – YB beats her pussy up just as savagely…I mean how can you not especially when you are staring at those – fucking huge titties! Beating up the pussy so good that she squirts. Yes, Dippd is loving the dick, and the visual is what we are loving almost as much.

The doggystyle is just as intense as even from behind the pussy is appropriately beaten down, with all that ass bouncing, with the camera catching the massive titties swaying every which-a-way. All leading to a healthy release of YB’s soul across those trademark huge areolas of Dippd!

Such intense fucking, and the body of DippdNRedd – we simply can’t speak enough about…them damn titties doe! DippdNRedd’s explosion onto the XXX scene has been nothing but pure voluptuous adult gold, and this latest scene from bares proof to that fact. And while we didn’t get all the positions that we would have liked to have seen, the fact that this scene still goes hard without them speaks volumes. DippdNRedd’s dicksucking, regardless of size, and the way she fucks the dick savagely – with pure authentic enjoyment on her face as she does it is why she is one of the most sought after talents in the genre! With good fucking by YB, as he creates good dick that drives Dippd to the bring of carnal transformation…This is truly a #CertifiedBANGER! Head over to, PURCHASE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION – DippdNRedd is just fucking excellent!