The 8th Wonder, Da’Butt Gives A Standing Ovation


The world seemed to be so bleek when Da’Butt retired from the business. But now that she has returned to the public with touring & social media particularly, she has been turning her IG page into one of the most watched & most talked about big booty platforms on all of Instagram. And she recently took to her official IG – @IAmDaButt – to apparently give her own damn self a nice round of applause, but with all that ass, it was more like a standing ovation – for all of the work she has done thus far. And just listen to that thang clap:

…there are two things we simply can’t get enough of in this world…seeing Da’Butt make that ass clap with the might of Thor’s Hammer is one of them. It reminds us of when the Legendary Hall of Famer Pinky XXX did her iconic loud ass ass claps…only this one has much more beef, and more likely to make you go deaf, if you turn the sound all the way up! S/Os to Da’Butt & the whole USDA Movement! #GAWDDAMN

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