The 6 Ways To Handle -The Unknown Offer – Part 1

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Every Adult Entertainmer, from model to XXX, wishes for opportunity for the dream shoot. To shoot with a major, or a director/producer for the purpose of making awesome content that the fans will love and more importantly…purchase. Yet let’s be real – the voluptuous adult entertainment industry is a demand heavy genre, with a lot of talent, but not enough sources availiable to supply & feed that demand. The genre does not have a lot of production houses – that would be considered “major” or “minor”. So…inevitably…every adult entertainer will be hit with….THE UNKNOWN OFFER!

Yes, its The Unknown Offer – Every adult entertainer has been faced with it. You wake up, check your emails, or go on Facebook/Twitter, or hit up your manager,  and what do you find? A few or a lot of job offers from various people that you have never heard of. In the world of Voluptuous Adult Entertainment its worse. There only so many studios that film superthick, bbw, and SSBBW women. What that means is that, if you are in fact a voluptuous adult entertainer, unless its coming directly from one of the major companies or minor companies known to film and photograph voluptuous women, or an established voluptuous adult website, you have to be cautious about certain job offers. Let just be honest (let’s just be real – shouts out to Dej Loaf), shadiness is a part of the adult entertainment business, hell its apart of business period,  and it runs rampant. Plus we are all familiar with the phrase – if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But with that said, one cannot ignore the fact that there are numerous budding porn companies trying to come up and make themselves a presence in this business – porn companies that do great work, but just may not be as well known.
So what are you to do – A voluptuous adult entertainer has to entertain after all. How do you filter through the numerous offers you get on the daily?

We are giving you PHAT Magazine’s 6 Signs of Shadiness! If you can’t find a “yes” to all these 6 signs, don’t even waste your time. And this isn’t just for adult entertainers; this is also for companies looking to be productive in the business too. So without further ado let’s get started:

The days of strictly brick and mortar porn studios are over. The internet has made everything easy to find and with good reason especially for adult entertainment companies amateur or professional. It’s simple, if you aren’t online, no one knows who the fuck you are. So what does that mean for you? If you receive a job offer and the website URL isn’t even in the first one or two sentences of the initial offer – a red flag should go up automatically. If there is one thing anybody takes pride in it’s their brand. With the simplicity of having a website nowadays, there is no excuse why the origin of a job offer shouldn’t include their website so you know they are at the very least knowledgably of the importance of owning a website for adult entertainment. Now with that said, don’t mistake me for saying that the website has to look like a six figure multimedia totally tricked out website, although the better they can make a site the better for them ultimately. It’s just paramount that that company that wants to hire have a website so you can view them over and see what they are about. That should be self explanatory.

This should be considered with the same importance as the ONLINE PRESENCE. There is no reason for any adult entertainment company to not at the very least own its own Twitter account. Facebook is ok, and we say that because Facebook does tend to crackdown on adult entertainment pages harshly. And, if someone doesn’t like you, they can just report you numerous times and you are down. But, we digress – Social Media gives not just that company or adult enterprise a way to connect to you, but it gives you a way to connect to them. And more importantly, a way to contact them directly both publically and privately which in essence give you a way to confirm the job offer and their interest in you, or…even better they can confirm their interest to you. Bottom-line, this is self explanatory just as having an ONLINE PRESENCE is. If that job offer doesn’t give you a way to contact them on Social Media, a red flag should automatically come up. What social media says is that a particular studio or company is concerned about attracting and keeping fans, as well as keeping them in the know about what they are doing. If your job offer doesn’t have a means of social media, then how much do they care about getting their product out? Now, with that said – we are not saying that they have to have 100,000 followers on Twitter, or 20,000 likes on Facebook. And there are more social media apparatuses out there than just those two. But they must have an active and consistent presence.
This one is perhaps the most important because it involves linking the job offer, or the person who sent it directly with the source that it claims. Name matching basically means taking the name of the person who made the offer to the company that they claim to represent. For instance: If a woman says her name is “Jazmine Donk” from, and she wants you contract you for work on their website or movie they are producing. Your next moves should be – 1) checking and confirming their ONLINE PRESENCE, as well as seeing what they are about through it. 2) Checking their SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – seeing and confirming that they have one as well as using their SOCIAL MEDIA presence to see what people are saying and how they are reacting to them. Then 3) seeing if there is a “Jazmine Donk” employed with that website and/or social media platform. That website and/or social media should have a list of its contacts on its site so that you know it’s real. Or “Jazmine Donk” has to contact you from an email that is on that site so you know it’s real. This is why contact information is so important on websites. And it’s also why it’s a good professional practice, for a website/company to have an email address with their domain attached to it. So if you got an email from “”, and you checked to make sure the site was real. That’s a great sign that the offer is genuine. Now, with that said, we aren’t at all saying that, isn’t just as valid. But what we are saying is that a name or email address must match what’s on that site. Anyone can claim that they represent anything. I can email you and say that I represent Vivid Entertainment and am looking to sign the first mainstream BBW superstar. How you can firm that, check the sites and make sure that I am who I say I am. If you are really interested, email the site at the email address provided on the site and confirm.
What is a bakery that doesn’t bake bread? The same thing as an adult entertainment company that doesn’t make adult entertainment. Nothing. I know personally of many job offer scams that say that they have worked with this person, and that person, made this movie and this DVD…but when I investigate to look for it…Nothing. This ties into first two signs really well, because if you get an offer –they must say what they have worked on or been a part of – whether it is DVDs, Magazines, web scenes, anything. While it may sound like common sense, many have fallen victim to job offer scams where that particular job offer made mention of working with some big names on a huge DVD, only there was no DVD to be found. If you get a job offer saying that they would like to feature you on their next installment of “Monster Donks #3” (for example), always ask where you can find the first two installments of the movie. With that said – there are a lot of startups out there who may be looking for you to be in their first film and may not have a product out there. In those instances, and in general, go to the next topic –

Which we will disuss next time as we continue our 6 Signs of Shadiness.  Stay Tuned.

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