The 2018 PHAT Freshman Class Nominees List Is Up!!!


Its been four long, long years – but finally, the we at PHAT have gotten our heads out of our own asses and listened to what the people – you #PHATNation – have been demanding for those 4 years and we are please to announce that we have just released the 2018 PHAT Freshman Class NOMINEES List!!!

Now for those of you who are not aware – The PHAT Freshman Class List – Is our list of the 10 hottest new & relatively new voluptuous adult entertainers that have brought all the heat, ability, and skills to recognized as superstars in the genre. And in the past – such voluptuous adult actresses to make this list have been popular, historic, &/or iconic figures in voluputous XXX and its history today. Women such as Lexxxi Luxe, Mandy Majestic, Anastasia Vanderbust, Ms. Marshae, Da Butt, Superstar XXX, and Sofia Rose, just to name a few – have all graced this majestic list at the beginnings of their XXX careers and have went on to captivate the entire genre to become apart of Voluptuous XXX Legend & Lore. And we have no doubt that this year’s list will add to the legacy of great talent that has proceeded it…

…BUT before the list comes out in JUNE – we first introduce you to our Nominees List…where this year for the first time we are not only adding an 11th spot to this years Freshman Class, but we are also letting you #PHATNation, vote and decide which women on the nominees list should get the first 11th spot ever!!!

To Vote – simply go to the 2018 PHAT Freshman Class Nominees List – check out the nominees and cast your vote by leaving a comment in the comments section – listing the name & why you feel they should be on this year’s list – with the highly coveted 11th spot.

Not only that..also for the first time ever, we are giving YOU #PHATNation, a chance to add to our nominees list as well. If you see a name that’s not on the list that you feel should be on – once again – go to the comments section and “Vote” by leaving a comment on who we should not leave off and why!

Are list is collected generally from voluptuous adult performers who have made their official debut into XXX from the beginning of the previous year…but, this year since its been 4 years since we have last done this…we have extended it back to July of 2016 to now.

Go check out the – 2018 PHAT Freshman Class Nominees List – RIGHT NOW – and begin commenting your votes on who should be on the OFFICIAL 2018 PHAT Freshman Class List in June!

CLASSIC Look at the 2013 PHAT Freshman Class Trailer:

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