Supreme Diva Teams Up With PoundHard For New Featurette

Arguably one of the biggest asses in the history of all adult entertainment makes her return to XXX – Supreme Diva is back – And she is back with a vengence. We have heard rumors of Supreme Diva’s works on a new project and it appears as if she is coming close to deliver a new release from her self-titled imprint, Supreme Diva Productions,  as late last week, the notorious megadonk released trailers from her upcoming mini-featurette entitled “Theft By A Panther“, featuring long time pioneer and veteran J. Legend. –

Details & specifics are still being hushed about the full project, what we do know is that this featurette will be the an official release from Supreme Diva’s Supreme Diva Productions & that it is being co-produced by J. Legends’ PoundHard Entertainment  – but if these trailers are any indication, we are about to see some great fucking of one of the biggest asses to ever grace the porn lens.

Now this is not the first time Supreme Diva has been fucked fiercely by J. Legend. We all remember, or should remember, their first powerfucking in one of Supreme Diva’s early flicks on & as well as other independent flicks. So this should prove to be another all monster donk powerfuck. We will bring you more information as we get it.